Wednesday, February 08, 2012


In yoga, being "grounded" refers to the ability to focus awareness both on a pose and on the present moment.  A grounded pose enables strength, stability, and ease in the asana and a sense of mental alertness and intention.  Being grounded helps us with proprioception, awareness of where our limbs are in space and where our minds are in time,  allowing us to correct our stance physically and keep our minds in the present moment.

Of course, being grounded also means having the basics, the fundamentals on which to build in any area.   TAST is providing me with a grounding in the basic stitches of embroidery and ways to build on those stitches through variations and additions.

Grounded has eco dyed flour sacking and a Dorset button I made several years ago.

Making Dorset buttons can be as addictive as embroidery!  I was on a kick of making Dorset buttons for cuffs for a while.

I used all of the suggestions from Tuesday Stitchers (thanks, ladies) and improved "Cultivate" -- still don't really like it because the trellis looks so messy and out of place, but I like it a lot better than I did before.

I toned down the stark white, went over the vines with some darker floss, added leaves, and lots of kantha stitching.  What I liked is using my favorite stitch; I love kantha stitching.  It is the most pleasurable and meditative stitch for me.

This week:  the chevron stitch!

Prayer Flag Project


  1. As usual, I adore your artistic creativity. These days I am enjoying the beads and native-american look of your work especially, along with everything else you do, of course. Keep up the excellent stitching!

  2. Love it. It looks like fanciful hills...I want to walk there =-)

  3. I love the Grounded flag!! It reminds me of field that have been plowed, furrows of beautiful embroidery!! Just lovely Jenclair!

  4. Connie - Thank you! I can't quite get away from these prayer flags and am letting other projects go for the moment.

    Debby - :) Hills lying fallow, maybe waiting for Spring!

    Sherri - And fields, plowed and ready for sowing. You and Debby have "grounded" the flag! Thanks, Sherri.

  5. Very nice embroidery, especially on the Grounded piece. I'm glad I found your blog via Time Goes By, as a quilter and embroiderer it's wonderful to see what others are doing.

  6. This one is my favorite so far. Absolutely. Grounded is a good thing.

  7. June - Thanks, June. Gotta love the internet where all interests combine. I check in with Time Goes By regularly. Thanks for stopping by!

    Rian - :) A very good thing!

  8. Another beautiful flag. Loving it. I love your post about "grounded," too.

  9. Stephie - Thanks! For such a brown flag, it came out all right; kind of appropriate for grounded--brown and a little muddy. :)


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