Saturday, October 15, 2011

Old Friends and Quilts

I had lunch yesterday with Beth, Nina, and Thomas from our old Tai Chi group.  Mike couldn't make it, but we had a great lunch with lots of catching up.  We used to be together about 6 days a week for classes and practice in the park, but we haven't seen much of each other for quite a while now.  Beth is moving to Colorado, and we will miss her!

AND I just found out for sure that...

My three little art quilts (Hope Is the Thing with Feathers, I Want to Go Home, and I Carry Your Heart) will be going to Houston to the International Quilt Festival!  I'm so happy that they will be on display and hope that they will make some money for AAQI.    Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative does so much to aid in finding a cure for this awful disease.  I'm honored and thrilled to have all 3 of my little quilts selected to travel to Houston.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I hope I can get there when they are on display and see them firsthand!

  2. A triple-Wow! Three quilts in Houston is awesome. Wish I could go to the show to see yours and all the others but not going this year. I love that quilt show, it's the best I've ever seen. Congrats, Jen!

  3. Debra - I wish I could make it to Houston one year, but you've heard me say that before!

    Connie - They aren't in the same league as the big quilts by the really great quilters, Connie, just the 9 x 12 art quilts for AAQI. Doesn't matter though, I'm still thrilled!

  4. Yours will be sure to sell, they've got such individuality.

  5. Kay - Thanks, Kay. Fingers crossed!

  6. Jenclair, that is just wonderful!! Those little quilts are really great! Good luck!

    Glad you had a nice lunch with your friends.

  7. Congratulations! And it is a thrill, isn't it, to be able to say.."oh, yes..three of my quilts are in Houston, this year!" I love that! Play it up and be proud! I have 3 quilts along for the ride and I am delighted! So, good for you and I love your quilts!!! :)

  8. Sherri - Thanks! It was so nice to catch up with my friends over a good lunch!

    Michele - You have been a great encouragement to me in this area. I love the quilt of yours I won at an earlier hangs in my studio and inspires me!


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