Saturday, June 25, 2011

Studios and Bryce Eleanor

Why, oh why, do other people's studios look nice, neat, efficient, and charming (all at the same time, of course)?

*Do they put things away when they finish with them?
*Have they planned and organized for efficiency?

*Do they not shove things aside to make room?
*Do they not move piles from one place to another in order to use a particular surface?
     (i.e. from the cutting table to the ironing board, to the chair, etc.)
*Do they not drop things on the floor when there is no room elsewhere?
*Do they not save scrap of all kinds of unlikely items, not just fabric?

So many studios look so perfect, turning me green with envy.  I save pictures, read books about these studios.  I even attempt to imitate them (on the rare occasion I can get the room cleaned up enough to even consider improvements).  The fact is that it will never happen for me.  The best I can hope for is do learn to put things away.  Mbwah,ha,ha!
 Eating crackers, playing with Edgar.

Bryce Eleanor came to spend the night.  We played with the gravel for a long time, putting it in the dump truck and buckets.  That little bit of gravel is worth its weight in gold.
 Applesauce:  you can use a spoon (or not).
After her bath, she plays with Edgar.  Good ole Edgar; he allows her to take such liberties.

This morning, she slept until about 8:30.  :)


  1. What a cutey - love seeing pics of her.

  2. BE is so cute!!! She has really grown up in the last few weeks!

  3. Jenclair, I think I'll just have to adopt your thinking on clean studios. It's something I'll work on for the rest of my life, and I'll do great to learn to put stuff away.

    EB is a doll. She plays with Edgar very well. I don't see any tails being pulled!

  4. Gerrie - Thanks, she is so much fun to watch. She manages to have fun with everything she does!

    Sherri - I know--it always surprised me how much difference a couple of weeks can make!

    Mary - Frustrating, isn't it? When I'm busy trying to bring a project to heel, I'm too involved to put things away (usually, I'm dragging more out).

    B.E. is very good with Edgar most of the time. Sometimes he does object to the enthusiasm of her hugs, though!

  5. My 'studio' is my entire cottage. It's generally in shambles, but controlled shambles, because my husband lives here too and can't stand complete shambles!

    I am constantly re-evaluating whatever I am working on, which means dragging this or that out to compare, think about, etc. I have piles I must push here and there, because to put them away makes no sense...I know I am just going to take them back out in a day or so.

    Kind of like my philosophy on making a bed...why bother when I'm just gonna mess it up in a few hours!

  6. Bleu- :) I have to admit to spreading out some from the studio as well. Mostly I keep it confined to upstairs, but when my husband is out of town, the kitchen becomes papier mache central.

    I, too, am always re-evaluating, and I need to see the possibilities in front of me -- whether fabric, embellishments, or found objects. Since I'm never sure of where I'm going, I need to be reminded of choices.

    I like your philosophy!

  7. Art is messy as is creativity! I move piles until I fell "aack, I just can't work like this" then I clean and start over again!

  8. JERRI-- that is usually what happens here, too. There is a certain level of intolerance that must be reached, but at that point, time must be invested in cleaning and order to begin again!


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