Monday, December 06, 2010

Guardian Drawing

There were 13 entries and the Random Number Generator came up with #7:    The winner is Kim! I'll need your address and will get her in the mail as soon as possible.  Hope you like her!
The largest Guardian I made is 12 1/2 inches; this one is only 5 ", but she is a sweetie.
Finished the light fixture girl today.
  I like her messy red hair in the turban.  I love using the two light fixture parts that I picked up in a couple of junk runs.  Here she is in one of her earliest incarnations;  the two fixtures are taped together while I tried to decide what she might wear.
 It took a while (over 2 months) to get her finished, but I'm pleased with her.  She waited patiently as I ignored her for other projects, but she finally got her turn! 

The fabric beads on wire make her arms flexible, so she can pose more easily. She looks a little medieval, I think.  Love the richness of the quilted skirt.


  1. Jenclair, your dolls have come a long, long way. Keep going!!

  2. Congrats to Kim! But I *am* pouting just a's my younger child syndrome, I guess =-)Haha! JK! The Guardian will be going to a good home. Oh my, the light fixture girl is A.MA.ZING! I absolutely love her! That blue..well, wow! And, of course, you know I love the hair. So incredibly creative you are!

  3. Congrats to Kim !!!

    I didn't even know you were having a giveaway :(
    Your doll looks great :)

  4. Thanks, Rian!

    Debbie-I love that deep blue, too. Thanks!

    Rafael - The little guardian should be right at home with Kim in Arizona. Thanks for the nice comment about the doll!

  5. Ohh wow - what a lovely giveaway I missed - that will teach me a lesson for being a terrible blogger.
    I love the fixture girl - she is amazing!!!!

  6. Ps - thanks for popping over... yep, we have strated the rescue mission here in Oklahoma now!!
    A couple of horses would be great to come by... although the pigs have the barn that was set aside for horses, so we will have to rethink that one!!!

  7. Thanks, Abi! Keep those porkers happy!


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