Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tropical Paradise

Our trip to St. John's for Little Kris's wedding was a fabulous experience.  The island is beautiful--beyond my ability to describe.  Lots of sun and sand and relaxation.  And a lovely, lovely wedding.
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planes, taxis, ferries
Bryce Eleanor loved the resort cats, birds, and iguanas!
down town to dinner
She was quiet the entire time; not one protest.  Almost asleep.

Love those braids.

More later...


  1. Ahhh! Looking at your photos, I felt the warmth and lushness of the island.

    The braids are fabulous.

  2. Beautiful, and what fun! Oh,those braids!!! =-)

  3. Gerrie - St. John's is a beautiful island; lots of hills and gorgeous bays and beaches. It was awfully humid the first couple of days following Bonnie's pass over the island, but much better and breezier toward the end of our stay.

    Debby - Lots of fun! The braids kept B.E.'s hair out of her eyes, and I loved the way they looked.


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