Monday, March 22, 2010

The Queen Bee

  Finished Bryce Eleanor's crown. I like the raw-edge of tight pleats I added to the top.

I needle felted the bee, then added beads and wings.
 Added some ribbon to the cording I made.

Isn't it National Craft Month?  I'm certainly in the crafty mood.


  1. Oh!! I need a Queen Bee crown!! =-)Verrrrra groovy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awwwwwww. Das precious.

  3. Certainly fit for the Queen! We love it, it will make for some uber cute pics this Easter!

  4. All the crowns are just Cute with a Capital C!

  5. Aww! I think I want to be a queen bee! The crown would make it worth putting up with all the drones!
    And yes, there wil l be some wonderful photos.

    Judy B

  6. I've been following along all the crown-making posts and read with fascination at your wonderful creativity. All of them are just wonderful. Uh, want to make me one while you're at it? *just kiddin* ;^)

  7. Love the little bee! How clever.

  8. Debby - I used left-over scraps from a dress I made Bryce Eleanor when she was 6 months old, so it has a little extra meaning!

    Rian - Thanks! Making these crowns for Easter has been such fun!

    Amelia - I'm not sure if Bryce Eleanor will keep it on her head, but it is certainly a good match--a queen bee for B.E.

    Debra - for all the Cute with a Capital C Grandchildren!

    JudyB - Ha! Oh, yes, Miss Bryce Eleanor does put up with all of her drones!

    Connie - I certainly believe you deserve a crown!

    Kay - Thanks! Working on the crowns has made me use techniques like needle felting that I haven't done in such a long time!


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