Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Christmas and the New Year

Another long absence; we are now nicely ensconced in our new home.  Complete with The Triad (with all of the implications implied) of kittens, full of vim and vinegar and mischief.

Bryce Eleanor tries on Mila's shoes...over Max's shirt, which she donned like tights under her dress.  We call her "Imelda Marcos, Jr." because of her shoe fetish.

Erin, Mila, Max as we prepare to go to the country to join aunts, uncles, and cousins.  And I left my camera at home, so no pictures of that.

I've been enjoying this series of craft and sewing spaces on CRAFT, partly because after the move, the Christmas holidays, family and grandkids, I've been gradually working on my own studio space.  I love seeing all the fresh ideas offered by  "Make Space for Crafting," and the series inspires me to keep working on organizing and creating a space that I love.

Just a little embroidery and some needle turn applique hearts are all that is in progress at the moment, but they are the first things I've done for quite a while.

This morning while browsing the web, I discovered scoot-ah's Flickr site;  her work has such charming simplicity.  Great inspiration!

Bryce Eleanor stayed with us for several days while her parents went to Key West over New Year's.  We had to keep on our toes, as she is a busy little bee.
Now, as things are settling down to a more normal pace, I'm beginning to look forward to spring.  We've had quite a roller coaster of weather this winter, from days in the teens (unusual) to days in the 70's.  I'm ready to say So Long to winter.


  1. BE can't wait to come see the "kitty-cats-meoooows" Saturday!

  2. How nice to hear from you, now you're settled, and look at the family, your work, and those adorable kittens.

  3. Amelia - The Triad are laying their plans as I type. They are searching for hidey-holes and reviewing tactics for ambush and retreat!

    Kay - Nice to be back and checking blogs, getting inspiration, an renewing my online life. :)

  4. Welcome back, and welcome home. It is no picnic to move at the holidays. Looking forward to seeing your studio and what comes from it!

  5. Nice blog on Christmas celebration. Like your family and cattitude. Keep on posting.

  6. Rian - Thanks! I'm loving going up to my little eyrie, my little nest at the top of stairs. Things are still in progress, but I'll post some pictures soon.

    Hampers - :) love that term "cattitude"!

  7. Welcome back Jen! I got your apron comment too;) I LOVE those kitty pictures, what fun they must be. I'm thinking the "vinegar" part of them is quite active. Hope you're loving your new digs.

  8. Cowgirl Goods - Thanks! Good stuff is percolating in our new home...the Triad keeps us laughing and that is always a good thing!


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