Thursday, September 03, 2009

Fall Cleaning

I'm still not doing much in the creative line, but I did begin a clean up of the studio. I've made some progress, but there is still much more to do. Not only cleaning and straightening, but organizing...and clearing out.

Have cleared a lot of stuff from my cutting table. It has become the place I pile everything when I want a quick clean up in the rest of the house--it is usually piled with books, but they have been removed and shelved. At least what is now left is related to sewing in some way.

Still...there are all kinds of bits and bobs, left over pieces, projects in progress (or neglected) that need a home.
You can see where the fabric that cluttered the table has gone. Tossed into the already messy space here and elsewhere. Amelia wants some scraps for a project, so I've gathered some together to take to her when we have lunch.
I'm not showing the stuff that now resides on the floor because it unnerves me to think of the time involved in organizing and finding a place for these boxes and baskets. They all had shelf space at one time, but now the shelves must be straightened to make room to replace items that have ended up on the floor.

Daryl-The-Wonderful-Appliance-Repairman (and my hero) once again saved me from having to buy a new appliance. He replaced the relay overload thingies and my refrigerator is humming with happiness; I am sighing with relief!

Meeting downtown this morning, then lunch with Amelia. After lunch, maybe I'll get some more cleaning/organizing done.


  1. it's always nice to dodge a bullet where the threat of major appliance replacement is concerned. Love the enticing collection of "strays" in the second image.

  2. I always feel much better after cleaning and sorting my stuff. And I'm usually surprised by rediscovery a misplaced or forgotten treasure.

  3. ACey - Yes, indeed! I know we will have to get a new refrigerator before long, but I'm happy to avoid it for as long as possible!

    Art4Sol - It is amazing how many treasures can be lost, isn't it? Then they kind of side-track you when re-discovered!

  4. With the small size of my sewing room, the only way I can keep it neat is to not use it. If I start a project or bring home some purchases, whatever, it seems in no time the room is once again a cluttery mess. Then it spreads. I know I need to purge some things and make the space more work-friendly but I can't make myself eliminate a thing more than I've already done. Decisions, decisions...



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