Saturday, August 09, 2008

More Rummaging

Yesterday on the way to Laddie's, I stopped by Sunshine Health Foods for a quick lunch. They had a lentil and spinach soup that was divine! Yes, the soup of the gods, beyond a doubt.

I've googled several recipes because I believe I could eat it every day. Here is one that I will certainly try. Will it compare to theirs?

Today, I met Steve over at the house to go through more stuff. (On the way, I stopped to get a little more of that delicious soup. What IS the secret ingredient?).

Anyway, we found more pictures, letters, baseball score books from nearly 50 years ago. Steve and I cackled over many of these mementos.

His army trunk contains an odd assortment of pictures and keepsakes, including some of his WWII items like

his Distinguished Flying Cross, his Air Medal,
and his "Lucky Bastard" certificate!

Steve and Teresa had these photos framed for Laddie a couple of Christmases ago. All 3 brothers in uniform - Navy, Air Corps, Army - Buddy, Laddie, Max .


  1. You are so smart to start going through Laddie's things now. It is a big job. The soup sounds very interesting.

  2. rian - We should have started a long time ago, but the process is intimidating in more ways than one. Especially since Laddie was a bit of a pack rat (an inherited trait, according to my husband). We pretty much have to go through it all because the treasures are so intermixed with the trash. An insurance bill, then a priceless photograph...

  3. I love soups with spinach...if I have spinach around I throw it in when I make pasta e fagioli ...and this soup sounds like it will soon become one of my favorites. I'm generally quite pleased with the recipes I've found on

    we are having lovely cool weather.... for august to have soup weather is incredible! thanks!

  4. kimy - I wish I could get the recipe from Sunshine; next time I'm in there, I'll make a point to ask.

  5. Oh my, what Treasures they are!

  6. Connie - They ARE treasures, both physically and emotionally. Each time we go over to clear out, we spend so much time remembering...

  7. This is truly so bittersweet. There is lots of it in my future. My 94 year old mother has amazing accumulations.

  8. Kay - Ask as many questions as you can. So many things have no answers for us. Maybe if you go through things with your mother, you will discover details you never thought of.


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