Sunday, January 06, 2008

New Fabric, Epiphany, and Twelfth Night

Many thanks to all of you who have sent prayers and well wishes for Laddie. They are deeply appreciated.

Today, I'm hoping to take some time to clean and straighten up the house, and hopefully, resume some sewing. One thing I'd hoped to continue into the new year was the habit I'd developed of finding a little time for sewing each day. I've not been doing that-- all of the December events, birthdays and births, Solstice and Christmas, New Year's and the events it brought about-- have made sewing a random activity. However, I am ready to begin again with the philosophy of finding time and re-developing the habit.

I have lots of projects on the table and need to be moving forward on them. And, of course, there is this: before Christmas, I ordered these lovely fabrics from Z & S (in 1/2 yard cuts) , and I want to make use of them!And right after Christmas, the Christmas fabrics that I might need for next year called to me. Like sirens, they whispered, "Buy me. Buy me."

I am weak. How could I resist? My gifts to me. :) They will make lovely gift bags a la' Lazy Gal Tonya. I made a few gift bags this year and even have some that I must finish before cutting into these lovely new pieces.
I am through buying fabric for a while. Not one 1/2 yard will be purchased in January. I will not. I will not. I will not buy fabric.

In western tradition, January 6 is celebrated as Epiphany. In some traditions, tonight is Twelfth Night; in others, it would have been last night. Twelfth night is traditionally a celebration and a feast, and in our area, is often associated with the anticipation of Mardi Gras and may mean the first King Cake of the season.

I love the definition of the word:

epiphany - a realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something or someone. An inspired understanding arising from connecting with profound insight, awareness, or enlightened truth.

Many people leave their Christmas decorations up until today, and then put them all away before Twelfth Night, as it is unlucky to leave them up after Twelfth Night.

If your decorations are still up, in accordance with this tradition, now is the time to take them down and put them away until next year.

Time to get to work on all of the things on the "to do" list that I can manage!


  1. One thing fun about a new year is thinking about new ideas. It looks like you have some nice bundles of fun waiting for you.

  2. Debra - I never made it into the sewing room, but finished giving the house its first pass at de-cluttering so tomorrow when I get a chance to play, the weight of "stuff" won't bother me so much.

    I want to spend a little while each day disposing of things that have no purpose and wind up in drawers and cabinets, out of sight, but taking up room. :)

  3. I hope Laddie is doing much better.

    I loved reading about Epiphany; I was taught to leave Christmas decorations up until twelth night, but now most people start decorating so early and take them down the day after Christmas. I hate the short days and long dark so much that I leave the outside lights up till around the end of January. When I was a kid, Santa brought a decorated tree as well as gifts on Christmas Eve. Must have been a strain on poor Santa to do all that.

  4. Thanks, Fran; Laddie is doing about as well as can be expected. I decorated so late this year that I did leave things up until yesterday. While it sometimes seems that Christmas decorations go up too early now, I can't imagine following the old tradition of Santa bringing the tree on Christmas Eve! I like the tradition of Twelfth Night, though, and this year signed up for emails sent each day with messages for each of the Twelve Holy Nights.

  5. loved this post jenclair - I could connect on so many levels - the seasonal dip in sewing, getting things in order (that is what I did most of yesterday), and the whole biz about fabrics - and working to stick to one's resolve to be buy-free!

    in cleveland it seems habit for so many people to leave their christmas decorations up until easter! drives me bonkers (well not really, but...) I don't know why - decorations go up early and stay late -if only they would come down on twelfth night.

  6. Those are such pretty fabrics - and presented so well with the bow. I can see how you couldn't resist. They will make lovely Christmas goodies for next year.

  7. Ooooh, those are luscious fabrics! What fun awaits...

    Hope Laddie is doing alright.

  8. I left my decorations up this year and enjoyed the beauty of them after all the hustle and bustle.

    So sorry to hear about Laddie. I will keep you all in my prayers.

  9. I do love that word! The tree is down but still lays outside in the street waiting to be picked up.

  10. kimy - I'm cleaning out drawers and closets when I have some time at home and hope to keep up my resolve about not buying more fabric or BOOKS for a while!

    Shelina -- I loved the fact that they put the fabric bow on both purchases; I'm so susceptible to details like that!

    Rian -- :) I do think the fabrics are yummy! Still haven't had the time and the inclination coincide yet for playing with them, but I can just look at them and smile.
    Laddie has moved to a rehab center and is doing ... as well as can be expected. What a phrase.

    Gerrie -- There is a certain magic to a house with the Christmas decorations, isn't there? I especially love the soft and glowy way things look with just the tree lights. Maybe I should just put some lights up in the living room for all year. Thanks for the prayers, Gerrie.

    Kim - Isn't it a great word? Epiphany - religious or literary or personal - I love it.

  11. gosh i have been away from blog reading for so long, sorry to hear about Laddie. my holiday was so filled with life crap, i don't have to take my decorations down because i never got around to putting them up. i appreciate the focus on epiphany. well received and sorely needed.

  12. you make my day. there's something for you at the mouse.

  13. It's amazing how comforting fabric can be. I have a friend who collects it, buying bits of order for her life, something tactile she can touch and imagine joining together with another bit to form something useful and creative. The 'to-do' list is never finished, and might be secondary to everything else.

  14. jude -- I've not been putting in much blog time either, and every time I say I'm going to catch up, something else takes my attention.

    :) I didn't get my Christmas decorations up (and very few, at that) until a few days before Christmas and mainly in anticipation of the grandkids!

    kimy -- Hey, you! I'll go check!

    Seraphine -- I was in a favorite fabric store that sells expensive decorating fabrics because they had a sale on their left over bits that had been neatly packaged and spent nearly an hour just admiring those lovely, costly fabrics. The clerk and I discussed the love of beautiful fabrics and said that a woman had come in once and bought a half yard of one fabric as a souvenir. She always bought a 1/2 yard when she visited someplace new and never used them. I can understand your friend's desire to collect fabric for its own sake.


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