Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Finally finished a quilt...

I finally caught a picture of this chameleon doing his thing. I've never had the camera handy when this happens, but today luck was with me. Looks like something happened to his tail, a bit stubby. If you want to see the lovely color around his eyes, click to enlarge the picture.
Butterflies are everywhere now. Here is the final version of this silly little quilt. I like the bright colors and had fun with the Marston/Moran liberated quilting style, but I'm glad to have it finished.
Laddie has a CT scan scheduled for tomorrow. He will not be happy about having to go back to the doctor again this week or to realize that he has another appt. on Monday.


  1. What a lovely chamaeleon!We have skinks and geckos, but not these guys. And I like the quilt,too.

  2. Three amazing photos!! I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE the quilt! The black and white really sets off the colors...Again: I love it!!

  3. Great photos, Jenclair! Those lizard eyes are so pretty! It almost looks like your lizard and mine were on the same fence (mine had his full tail, though)! I love your rabbits, down below, also!

  4. so much COLOR in the current post! love your whimsical little quilt! thought of you and your rabbit twice while I was in dc recently. the first was during our tour of the native american museum when I encountered a lovely rabbit mask and the description stating that rabbits symbolize the moon and cultivation and native people once did a 'rabbit dance' - the second was when we saw a giant modern 'thinking rabbit' in the national sculpture garden - I put the picture up one day on my blog for you!

  5. dinah - Don't you love that green and pink combo?

    Debby - Thanks! You might need sunglasses to protect your eyes, though.

    bookfool - Your picture is much better! And I always love your bird pictures...

    kimy - I'd love to see the rabbit mask, and I'm heading over to see the "thinking rabbit" right now!

  6. Oooh, I'd love to have a brilliant lizard like that in my garden, mine are quite earthy colored. He must have detached his tail to save himself from being caught by some creature. ChoCho dragged in one of our lizards one day holding it by the tail and it ran off and left the tail in Chowie's mouth. What a surprised cat.

  7. I love the photo of the chameleon - what a studly guy!

    I just love brights with black and white - very nice quilt.

  8. Yaaaaaay for completion (of any kind but especially a quilt)! I wonder if your garden's creatures have the slightest idea of what an impact they've made far and wide ...

  9. I love the way you've used the monkey fabric in this great quilt!

  10. Fran - I love his brilliance, too!

    Gerrie - Studly, indeed. I wonder if he is one of the ones I caught making love last year...

    ACey - "Yaaay for completion" is right! It took long enough!

    Samantha - Thanks, the Funky Munky fabric is such fun.


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