Thursday, January 18, 2007

M-B Revisited (a few more)

Just to update The Meyer-Briggs Test results from this post :

Kim - classic INTJ
Sassenach - INTJ
Delta - ISFP
Jules - INFP
Debby - ISFJ
Debra - ISFJ
Thomas - INFJ


Jeri - ISFJ
Granny Fran - INFJ
Rissa - INFJ
Rian - INFJ
Kay - INTJ
Patti - INFJ
Lori -INTJ

I loved reading the comments as you explained yourselves., and most of you seemed to think the test gave a pretty accurate result.

My original post was on the book blog, and the results were similar (although there was one slightly expressed E on each list). Not that it is a great surprise that both quilters and readers are going to be somewhat introverted. In fact, many quilters are readers (who frequently, but not always, own cats).


  1. I just posted my results to your post from the 15th... another ISFJ quilter here. And I love to read too!!! (I just started blogging my books - 2 so far for this year)

  2. oh, yeah. statistics prevail - I also own a cat. Have had at least 1 cat for my entire adult life... (not the same one, I mean there's always been a cat presence in our house...)

  3. I do think this test is accurate. Leaving for another three day break but look forward to following some more interesting links upon my return.

  4. Jeri - I need to check out your books! And another introvert...

    ACey - Have fun on your break!

  5. Another INFJ here. I haven't taken one of these for years; still introverted and intuitive. Very interesting. A lot of us garden as well. I guess we like to get out and dig in the dirt alone, except for our cats.

  6. Jeri - 100% Introverted! A reader, a quilter, a cat-owner...hmmmm. I wonder if we could come up with 5-10 General Characterics of Quilters? I'm only 2 for 3 so far: introvert and reader, so you have me beat!

    ACey - You are one of the rare E's in this category!

    Fran -Yes, not surprising, but fascinating. The INFJ is evidently one of the rarest types and look how many are quilters! I love stuff like this. I have to make do with my neighbors cats, now, but I do like to dig in the dirt alone! :)

    On your earlier comment about the cranes --

    The National Geographic site
    that shows the cranes on the Platte River in Nebraska is where I'd like to go in the spring. That must be amazing!

  7. I'm an INTJ, which doesn't surprise me at all. I agree with you that quilters seem to be rather introverted as a group, in spite of the stereotyped image of a group of women sitting around the quilt happily sharing life changing insights, etc., etc., etc. Interesting to see how people fall in this. Thanks for the post.

  8. I was led to your blog by following a post on another quilting blog - can't remember which one at the moment! I've done Myers-Briggs several times. I'm a quilter and a reader, and I'm an INFJ. Until I took the test the first time I always thought there was something wrong with me because I didn't know anything like me and most people couldn't understand me. It was so enlightening to learn that less than 2% of the population has my type, and that I was really OK after all! That was long before I started to quilt. No wonder I'm so at home with fellow quilters - there are so many who have the same or nearly the same type as me!


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