Monday, January 15, 2007


The Meyer-Briggs test for personality type is making the rounds on several lists. My results were, predictably, INFJ. Even after answering in my most social mood, my results are 89% introverted. That sounds worse that it is. Here are different profiles of the INFJ type. I'd bet that most readers and book lovers fall into this category although with various per centages.

Take the test and let me know where you fall. I'm nosy. And I do bet that the majority of you are introverted to some degree. :)


  1. This one's a no-brainer Jen. I've a friend who's worked in the corporate environment for years consulting with management in M-B in the workplace. She says I'm a classic INTJ. Wouldn't you know I took the test you cited and sure 'nuf that's what I got!
    (After a three-day weekend with my family, I NEED some alone time to recharge!)

  2. ISFP here. And it says I'm an "artisan" so it's all good.

    I did a program on postcards for a guild this evening and the art trade one you sent me with the little girl on it made a HUGE hit. One of the members even asked to take a picture of it but I wasn't real comfortable with that so I just let her take an overall shot of all of them lying on the table.

  3. Notice those I's! And each acronym sounds right for each of you (I'm reading the analysis page when I see your acronym). It's also fun matching you with your famous counterparts!

  4. It said I am an INFP. I know for a fact (been tested many times as my mom is an "official" MBTI testing person) that I am a J not a P, and a very strong one at that. I drive all the P's in my life nuts. I must be in some sort of weird fly by the seat of my pants kind of mood today. I switch between F and T, though.

  5. ISFJ (89%, 50%, 50%, 1%)...yes, I am introverted...but you knew that...=-)

  6. another IFFJ here -- boy, that nailed me to the floor! I am a Protector Guardian (just think Mother Teresa!)

  7. ISFJ--I guess typing isn't required for my type!

  8. I've been away from my desk for a few days but already know I am ENTP. I know of one other online in the AQ ring but most bloggers *do* seem to be INFJ. It's fun to pause before I panic about the number of mails I must read and write after little more than 72 hours - surfing around with some of your links.

  9. Your Type is
    Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging

    You are:
    100% very expressed introvert
    50% moderately expressed sensing personality
    62% distinctively expressed feeling personality
    56% moderately expressed judging personality

    This is pretty much on-the-money for me!

  10. I am also an INFJ. :-)

  11. Mine also came up INFJ but I was tested at my previous job and found to be ESTJ, so go figure.

  12. INTJ here. But not as introverted as I expected -- 56%. Although it is not official, I suspect my outcome is pretty accurate. It would be fun to take an official test.


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