Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Catch Up

I've had all day at home today and have been very busy. After being gone most of the day for the last several days, this is a blessing. I'm still in the midst of cleaning house and catching up with laundry and have gotten quite a bit of yard work done. My gosh, 80 degrees in mid-December. I've cut a bunch of rosemary, eucalyptus, achillea, and artemesia and have done several arrangements. Almost nothing more on getting out the Christmas stuff, except for this little setting.
My vintage Santas and bottle brush tree come out every year. Here they are with more of Fee's Santas. I've alternated between indoor and outdoor chores all day.

Trying to clean house and pull out boxes of decorations is a contradiction in terms, so the living room is full of clutter, and I'm pretty much ignoring it for the time being. One of the problems with all of the Christmas stuff is that I have to find a place for all of the things they are temporarily replacing.

I started a table topper the other day, worked a bit more on it last night, and hope to get some more done tonight.


  1. I hear ya on the what to do with the regular stuff while the Christmas decorations are out in their place...My big beef is that I put it out and before I turn around I have to put it all haven't put anything out yet...and I feel bad about it, but that doesn't make me do it. I'll put a little out tomorrow, DS is coming and I will at least put the garland and wreaths up on the front doors. The tree is waiting for its lights...that's a job for tomorrow, too...Now, I really am off to bed...

  2. Debby -That is my problem, too. What a lot of work--twice! The only reason I feel bad has to do with other people, not me. If I enjoyed doing it and wanted to, I'd be jumping right on it.

    But noooo, I'm dragging it out. May be finished by Christmas Eve.

  3. I love this display spilling out of a chest! Your Santa collection sure treasures!
    I hear you on finding a place to store the ~*things*~ you temporarly replace with Christmas!What a job after the festivities sorting it all!
    Wishing you much ~*holiday spirit!*~

  4. I have been enjoying your stalwart refusal to get with the program, Jen. But maybe I shouldn't admit that :)

  5. Since I keep the Christmas decor in a bunch of plastic bins, I just swap the Christmas stuff with the displaced stuff and vice versa when the decorations come back down.
    I still enjoy doing it, but a lot of my friends are scaling down and keeping it simple. One or two have gone to a table top tree. Jenny

  6. Oh, Jen, I'm with you! The double clutter is the real killer. I am so low key this year: tree, centerpiece, Christmas quilt, and pointsettias on the window sill. I will probably find the placemats, but that's it. It really is good to hear that not everyone in the world is Martha Stewart!

  7. When you are finished cleaning are welcome to come for a visit and start here! :-D

  8. Jen, your house looks beautiful. And I fully understand how cleaning and decorating don't seem to go together.
    Thank you so much for the wrist pincushion. It is so pretty, and so soft and cuddly. The card is really nice too, and quite appropriate. I can't believe you went through the effort to make another one for me. Thanks again.

  9. Naturegirl - Thanks for the ~*holiday spirit*~ wishes!

    Acey - I'm working on it, girl! I'm doing my best to get with the program.

    Jen - Thanks for the tip. I usually put the regular stuff away before getting out the Christmas stuff, but I'm in such disarray this year that it is happening at the same time and your idea works beautifully.

    Kay - Martha Who?

    Rissa - Well, I'd be happy to if you would take an apprentice. I'd love to watch and learn about spinning!

    Shelina - I'm so glad this one made it to you! Hope you enjoy it.

  10. Your decorations look beautiful. Very homey. I can't wait to see the table topper.

  11. Thanks, Rian! I haven't done anything else on the table topper. I seem to have lost interest in it. I've scheduled time for it and then picked up a book instead!


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