Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ho, Ho, Ho

More wonderful mail! Look what I received from Kim of SkybellArts! Inside this wonderful cover is a datebook for 2007 - so not only a piece of art, but a piece of art that I can:

1) carry with me,
2) display to others on a regular basis :)
3) use in a practical way.

I'm so thrilled. Thanks, Kim, for such a beautiful piece of your work!!!!

Click on the picture to see the lovely details.

For some reason, the scan made 3 petals of the iris look blue, and they are really two lovely shades of purple. Do you see the beads on the bottom left? They are attached to the ribbon book mark inside.

I'm going to make a little bag to slip it in, leaving the top open for easy access. I don't want my gift mingling with the common elements that occupy my purse.

One more trip to the doctor today; then, if I have time, I'll be able to drop by and visit with the group who are joining Mike for lunch at the Columbia Cafe.


  1. It must be your monitor, Jen, the petals are purple on mine. A lovely gift.

  2. I wonder if they will let me post this? I couldn't get on with my blogger account, probably because I never went beta. Have been attempting to comment that I think I might feel the need for a whole new purse to keep pace with this lovely swap from Kim!

  3. Oh, Jen, isn't that just so beautiful! I love Kim's work...what a lucky duck you are! =-)

  4. It's very beautiful - you must be happy!

  5. Gerrie - good, the purples are so perfect, glad they show up well on your monitor!

    ACey - My thoughts exactly! I was actually going to look for a new purse today while I was out, but something else came up, and I didn't have a chance.

    Debby - Aren't I though? I love Kim's work, too, and am so happy with this!

    Forgetmenot & Dubi - I was surprised and delighted!

  6. It is a lovely gift. Kim does do wonderful things.

    I like your oven mitts and pot holders also.


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