Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lovely Weather, "5 little pieces" & update Arty Meme

Today is going to be one of those "off and running" days; in fact, I'm already behind.

It is a gorgeous day. Crisp and cool with a predicted high of 74. Yesterday was much cooler, but we have yet to get a frost and the garden, although on its last legs, is still colorful and blooming in spots. All of my 5 varieties of salvia are still going strong. I love this pink one, not showy and much smaller than all of the others, but when you get up close, its delicate color is charming. Salvias are such great plants- endure the drought and heat with a patient smile, then given cooler temperatures and a bit of rain - they get almost frisky.

I think I'll do very small pieces for the "Arty Meme" - maybe ATCs, but probably postcards, or 5 x 7 pieces. I noticed when back tracking on Kim's blog, the originator of the meme was probably a paper artist. Haven't done any paper collage in a long time, but think I will use fabric and quilting. Or a combination. At first, I was worried about having to produce 5 pieces, but since only Delta has signed up, that won't be a problem. And since I've decided to do small pieces, I'm going to go ahead and make 5 just in case. This is exactly what I needed to get me moving again.

Sunday Update- Taking the lead from another Meme participant, I'll send something to the next three (Delta and Nancy are already getting one) who comment! If you are hesitating because of the posting on your blog, we will skip that part. Just get a freebie...if ya' want one. :)


  1. I seriously considered signing up but then I'm not sure I need the pressure of having to produce 5 items to fulfil my part of the bargain. I've promised myself no deadlines and I'm afraid this would become a stresser to me rather than fun. But I am still thinking about it and maybe I'll make a few things and then sign up if you still have a slot open.

  2. Nancy, I understand; I hesitated about having to create 5 pieces because I was reluctant to apply any pressure to myself. Once I committed, though, it seemed more like fun. I may not even HAVE to create the 5 because only Delta has signed up, but I'm going to make them anyway. Send me your address by email (email on profile), and I'll send you something "just because." Just because I'm going to make them anyway. Also, there are no deadlines, so mine will go out when they are done...and right now, I've no idea when that will be. :) This challenge will be fun for me since I needed to get busy and needed an excuse. Hope it will inspire me to finish my WIPs - strange how that sometimes happens.

  3. Now if this is ATC or postcard sized, I might be able to do it. ;-) I am lucky enough to live just down the road from Rhonda....if only her talent would rub off on me. :-D

  4. Rissa - It can be anything; I think I'm going to do postcards, but I may make some ATCs as well and see. It is up to you about posting, but I think many people hesitate because they don't want to get bogged down or put under pressure (I hesitated for that reason).

    What fun to live close to Rhonda and have a "fabric friend" so close. But you are obviously very active yourself! Hope you are rested up from your latest excursion. :)

    Send me your address through the email on my Profile page. Post if you feel like it, but don't feel required.

  5. I already told Deb I would do this. So if you can't find other takers, I would love to get a postcard from you!

  6. I will go insane if I commit to five art pieces but would still like to exchange something with you specifically. It seems like you still need a fifth "hand" if so I would love to be considered. If not, that's fine too.

  7. Shelina, Send your address, and yours will go out in the next week...or two.

    ACey, I'd love an exchange!


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