Friday, June 02, 2006


Not only does Geoffrey Chaucer have a blog, but he is now selling tee shirts, and I may succumb to temptation on this one. Or this one, or this one, or well... decisions, decisions. But I must have one!

In March, I posted this excerpt from an entry and think several of these would make great tee shirts. Especially this one:

Oh newfanglenesse! Y have learned the privitees of the manye abbreviaciouns ywritten on the internette.
OMG: "oh mine ++DOMINUS++".
ROFL: "rollinge on the floore laughinge".
IRL: "in reale lyfe."

From the garden to a vase.

There is a new Lincoln Rhymes novel out called Cold Moon that I must begin checking the library for. I've enjoyed Jeffrey Deaver's series and look forward to this one.

The library called and two of the books I asked for on inter-library loan are in... the Gwen Marston book on liberated quilting and Kingsolver's Small Wonders.
I'm a little more than half way through May and Amy and am enjoying it very much: Victorian period, Burne-Jones the Pre-Raphaelite painter, May Gaskell and her family, with guest appearances by Gladstone, Kipling, William Morris and other famous Victorians. Non-fiction, the book depends largely on letters written during the lifetime of May Gaskell and is accompanied by wonderful family photographs and funny drawings that Burne-Jones included with his letters.

Today I got hung up in traffic returning to work from Tai Chi in the park as the movie people were shooting downtown again. I've yet to spot a star, but find all of the equipment, trucks, and crew pretty interesting. May as well enjoy it as you are simply waiting for them to let the traffic flow again.


  1. Jen, I LOVE the Lincoln Rhymes series. Thanks for the tip on the new title. I had not heard yet.

  2. Thanks for sharing Chaucerisms and your bouquet with us. My daylilies have just started blooming and the Monarda is shooting up and just beginning to show little flower buds. The Queen Anne's Lace is proliferating but no sign of blooms yet. I'm having to pull out a lot that have made themselves weeds in the supposed-to-be Creeping Thyme lawn which is overtaken with wild lettuce, dandelions, and, UGH, bindweed.

  3. Jen, those Chaucer tshirts are BRILLIANT! I'm so glad you found them!


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