Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I love Chaucer and The Canterbury Tales, but

in browsing through Pages Turned I discovered that Chaucer has a blog -- and the following is an excerpt:

Oh newfanglenesse! Y have learned the privitees of the manye abbreviaciouns ywritten on the internette. OMG: "oh mine ++DOMINUS++". ROFL: "rollinge on the floore laughinge". IRL: "in reale lyfe." WTF: "whatte the swyve?"
Beinge somethinge of an innovator myselfe, Y presente to yow, churles and gentils alle, the followynge abbreviaciouns. May they serven yow welle in your internette communicacioun:
GP: gentil person
WC: woole customes
XC: Exchequer
BATJG: biggere arsehole thanne john gowere
BSL!: by seinte loy!
OTPBRB: Offe to parliamente, be ryghte back
SNAPFU - BYXCA: supposedely nyce annuitie paymente fuckede uppe by the XC againe
KRBMA: Kynge Richarde II buggynge me againe
AOMSHJDOTBD: anothere of myne servauntes hath just dyede of the blacke death
EISBYMIWATCHDNSTHD: eftsoon I shall be ycleped mad if worke atte the customes house doth not settle the helle downe

So...if in the future, I use any of the above, you will be able to translate easily.

Ladybug, ladybug...stick around, you are both beautiful and beneficial to my garden. And isn't the texture of texture of the Lamb's Ears wonderful? Especially with the morning dew...


  1. I love your photos, Jen. We buy ladybugs for our garden if we don't see enough of them settling there. We learned the hard way that you have to release them at sunset.
    The Chaucer blog cracked me up. I know a couple of literary geeks (besides me) that are going to love it. Jen

  2. Jen those are very good clear photos. The ladybird is perfect. Did you use Macro? You must have very steady hands.

  3. You'll like this site, Jen:

  4. Thanks for the Chaucer! It's been a long time--


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