Sunday, January 08, 2006

Graffiti and Studio Progress

"I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well." Diane Ackerman Loved her book The Moon by Whalelight which I read probably 10 years ago and still think about.

Still no email from Blogger. Am getting a few from QA digest, but still seeing comments on blog that have no email notification.

Picture of graffiti taken in London theater district in 1998. However, for Karoda - in the top right-hand corner is a poster about the V@g!na@ Monologues which was playing at the time. Karoda's piece celebrating her taking part in the production.

I asked Fee about 4 movies he can watch over and over:
Predator (could have told you that one)
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
Casa Blanca
and ...
Joe Dirt?

Well, technically, he can watch almost any movie OVER and OVER because he usually goes to sleep, but Joe Dirt? I've never seen it, but there's a reason for that. Not that my choices were particularly cultured; or in any way, cultured; or sophisticated or challenging or deep. Obviously, my choices leave me no room to criticize anyone else's choices.

Progress on the studio front. I've managed to work on this for brief time periods for the last couple of days and am pleased with the progress. see "before" pics

Finished The Next Step in the Dance. Have about 3 books left to read before I can go to the library for another batch. Also received a review copy of Elizabeth Noble's new book from Keaton Babb (Thanks, Keaton!) that has snuggled into the "to be read" pile.


  1. Your studio looks great and inspiring!

    Its that time of year again that the VM will begin to be staged...usually around here different groups will stage it beginning in Feb and running through March which is Women's history month. I hope it will become like The Christmas Carol or The Nutcracker...playing each and every year and become a tradition for families over the generations. :)

  2. Hey Jen,
    Studio is lookin'awesome! Don't you love it?
    I spent most of yesterday outside working in the yard. Guess I'd better get busy figuring out this meme thing. Scrapmaker Jen

  3. ooo lovely tidy place :) good job jenclair! things are going wrong with other peoples blog mail too - yours bounced my last comment here but it took a week to do it :S hope you get this one. Happy new 2006.
    ah we can only do anonimouse today!

    Helen Suzanne

  4. Don't try to tell us that is the same room. . .we are on to you! *wink*

  5. Great job on the craft studio! I'm still working on mine...never seem to get to the end of it though. Always another pile to've given me inspiration to keep going.

  6. Jen as you know I can't send any emails but I keep getting an email from Postfix program at host that my mail to you is undeliverable but apart from comments on your blog I haven't been emailing you. Is this part of your problem?

  7. Yep, and I just got an email from Debra Spincic with this information, but I'm such a dunce I don't really understand.


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