Friday, January 06, 2006

New Year's Resolutions, Anyone? The disturbing truth...

I do find these pictures disturbing (and motivating). Wasn't I supposed to be in the middle of cleaning, organizing, becoming more efficient, and completing the details in the sewing room? These pictures reveal a different story - chaos redux.

Check out the ironing board; worse, yet, the iron. I can explain, I know I can. Or not.

The feather duster in the red basket? Wow! I wondered where that little devil was hiding. Takes a picture to actually penetrate the clutter and discover things. I should try this more often.

My first attempt at organization several months ago left me with stuff strewn all of the the house - piled in the spare bedroom, in closets, under beds, etc. Then in the midst of other delays, much had to be transported back to sewing room when company came. Then I had to work on "Sky Garden" because I needed that comfort of being lost in a project.

Then the computer fiasco (the search for program disks and books; finally, new hard drive; new scanner,- where to put the old one, or the new one for that matter), Fee putting in new light fixtures, blah, blah, blah. So with all of that still going on, I start a new project, a messy one, and have to waste inordinate amounts of time trying to find the things I need. Like that tissue paper, the paints, etc. Yes, I did need the tissue paper. I knew I'd saved it for a reason.

The plastic bag is a temporary trash bag. And the piled up work center on the bottom right - is - my - ironing - board.

When every surface is filled, one goes where one must...

...and piles stuff where one must, under the tissue paper covered cutting table, if necessary, and obviously, it is necessary. I believe that is enough for post. Will continue later, because maybe public humiliation will provide the impetus to do Something About This!

Good news! Erin, Eric, and Mila are back in Jackson. They had a great time, but are glad to be home after 3 weeks. I talked to Mila, who reported on the AirPlane!, cousin Ella, and "the kids."

Erin is feeling much better, with less morning sickness. Don't know why I feel this one is going to be a boy, but I do have that feeling.


  1. I read somewhere that CHAOS was an acronym for:


    Just do one section at a time maybe? I know I get overwhelmed easily!

  2. That is Flylady's acronym and the story of my life. Well, not exactly, because I usually take all the extra clutter and stick in a closet or the garage. But you are right, one section at a time.

  3. You're very brave, Jen. My sewing area looks very similar, but I'm not showing pics!! :-D

  4. I don't see anything wrong with these pictures...=-/

  5. Jen,

    I'll have to post some photos of my studio at it's messiest. Let us know if the public humiliation tactic worked. I don't think it would for me.

  6. sorry i didn't get your comment on my christmas post as for some bizarre reason "moderate comments" got turned on and I never realised :S... I'm answering all in a post... Happy hugs for new year :))

  7. Jen, and why would you want to have people over...just keeps you from quilting. Actually, I owe you a debt of gratitude, you made my studio look almost, heavy on almost, well-organized.

  8. This is neater than my studio, so don't feel bad.

  9. What a pigsty! Someone could get hurt in there! You are kidding. . .you really work like that? Work? Hahaha!

    (is that enough public humiliation for one day? *wink*)


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