Monday, June 04, 2018


May was the hottest in our area since they began recording temperatures in 1875.  It was also the driest May on record (source).  Conversations around here have centered on the  heat and the lack of rain.  But yesterday, the high was only 92!  Four of five degrees can make a big difference, and 92 was so welcome!

Along with everyone else in this area, I'm relieved to see that the temperatures in the weekly forecast are looking better.  There is even a possibility of rain for tomorrow!

I love this shiny grass.
Fireworks is the perfect name.

Both milkweed plants are growing like...weeds.
The other one is golden, but this is my favorite.
A fiesta in a flower!

Reliable dianthus

 All of a sudden I'm finding these little devils.
I was pulling vines out of a dark corner when I realized
some of the "leaves of three" were mixed in.
I  immediately headed for the shower.
All clothes went in the washing machine,
 and poison ivy treatments applied to hands and arms.
Lucky this time. :)

A hunt throughout the garden uncovered several more,
coming out of the shrubs or underneath them.  Ugh.

  Incoming Mail

From Anna :)

A copy of Sabrina Ward Harrison's visual journal Spilling Open,
which has been on my book list for years arrived in the mail.  
So...what did I think?  
Certainly an honest and open look at life from the viewpoint of a young person in her late teens, early twenties --full of angst and self-questioning and attempts at self-understanding.
Most of us can probably remembering feeling much the same in college.
First published in 2000, it was a ground-breaking book 
for folks who were interested in visual journaling.
Now, I believe most of its appeal would be among young people
who are still puzzling their way through all of emotions of that age.

Outgoing Mail

 Attitude is everything...


  1. And we had the coolest May on record (source: me). Interesting. It’s fun to trip around your garden with you because you know the names of everything and you have different plants than us on the west coast. I do love that fireworks grass!

    1. I was really worried about June and the rest of the summer, then things cooled down a bit. Doesn't do a bit of good to worry anyway. :)

  2. I love your plants too-except that stinking ivy. We have it in certain spots that are very hard to get to-so I guess it will be able to live, unless we get the neighbor's goats to eat it. I do hope it rains for you. We've had LOTS of rain, and it's still in the 60's-but last week we all thought it was hot in the mid-80's.

    1. I'm not sure why there is such an influx of the dratted stuff, but I spent most of my life believing I was immune only to get my first case in my fifties. Since then, I've been much more careful. Oh, those temperatures sound so wonderful, crisp, and cool, Debra!

  3. Beautiful bits from your garden, Jen. Wonderful mail. Anna’s handwriting is gorgeous. Love the postage. I just received the USA Philatelic in yesterday’s mail. Great Science stamps. The cat is funny.

    1. Anna does have lovely handwriting, doesn't she? I love writing her address...I mean she lives in a house that has a name, like in an English novel. I'll have to check the Science stamps out. Have you visited WOPA online? Easy to spend a lot of time looking at stamp issues from other countries!

  4. Ha, that little kitty picture is hilarious! It is indeed amazing how a dip in the temps when it's very hot is so noticeable isn't it? This morning we were at 72 and I thought what? So nice to get a break from the heat. And, yes, I realize summer is just starting. I'm not ready! Love your plants!

    1. Cats and boxes are so entertaining! That one just has such savoir faire--bet he/she is a tuxedo cat. :) I am so grateful for the little break in the heat--give plants and lawns and people a little breathing room!

  5. You're right about that grass - gorgeous!

    1. Ornamental grasses are so varied, and this is my new favorite! I have two of these, but this one is in a tall pot and set on a tree stump--the other one has been subject to extreme trimming by the cats who seem to love the flavor. I need to put it up and out of their reach!


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