Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I've worked added more scraps and blocks to the studio shirt while watching Netflix and Amazon shows.  Scrappy additions, and I'm not too concerned about being neat, but adding patches while I watch Grimm and other shows, keeps my hands happily occupied.  It gets even sloppier when I'm watching foreign shows with subtitles!

Adding smaller, approximately 1" squares

  Incoming mail from the last couple of weeks

Used some envelopes I found in my stash
for Connie's and Annie's
 found the pic of the Bronte sisters in a magazine
 tracing paper made this one so sheer,
I had to use a tissue paper wrap for the letter!
 gelli prints on deli paper;
the borage sticker was from Naomi Bulger
 I love the international stamps
I saw this Memorial for Undelivered Mail
Postal workers erected this monument at the Zenkoji Temple in Nagano, Japan.
 It stands in memorial to the spirits of lost and undelivered letters.  

I love the idea that the spirits of lost 
and undelivered letters have a memorial.

It was raining again this morning, but the sun just came out!  I love rain, but you know, only for a couple of days at a time.  Now, I wait for the garden to dry out again.  The rain was a blessing for the shrubs and trees that are in full bloom right now, and who knows what will be next--flooding? drought?  So in the moment, it is best to appreciate the beauty of a nice mix of sun and rain and plan to get back to the garden in a day or so.

Just one more thing--
I love these photos, and thought you would, too!

source:  White Wolf Pack has more pictures of these unusual companions.


  1. Doesn't the fox look gorgeous against the snow!

    1. :) Yes, I liked the pics in the snow best because of the contrast of the colors!

  2. I love seeing that shirt you're working on. It is so unique! And you know I love your mail art. It's a happy mailbox that you have. :-) And you make a fair share of other people's mailboxes happy too. Connie's collage envelope grabbed my attention. And Melody's birds are fabulous. So sad that there is a need for a memorial for undeliverable mail. I know for sure that some of my mail that never made it was completely deliverable...yet never arrived. We should be able to take a tax deduction for the lost/wasted postage. Bwahahahaha

    1. I know a couple of my letters have gone astray, never received and never returned to me. A letter to Connie last year disappeared into the ether, I know because we have email contact as well. It is nice to be able to confirm the sending and receiving of mail.

      It is always intriguing when a letter makes the news decades after being sent--or reading an article about the Dead Letter Office. The spirits of those letters just wandering around...

      I ordered some stamps last year from the USPO. When the large envelope was delivered, it was in shreds and some of the stamps on the sheets were torn and damaged. Had to go the physical P.O. for replacements. Equal opportunity for getting mauled in the machines!

    2. What do you think of this feature: " Now when you log in to your My USPS account, you will be able to track packages and view a preview of your letter-sized mailpieces in one, integrated dashboard. Your dashboard will display mailpiece images for a seven-day period; you can also opt to receive these images via email notification."

      They actually scan your out-going and in-coming mail. I received this yesterday. What do you think? Would you use it?

    3. Oooh--I don't know. For a woman who can't spell Tuesday (which I will be correcting immediately), that may too technical for me. Do I have a "My USPS" account? Should I get one? It sounds pretty neat!
      Are you going to use it?

  3. Oh yes-the fox and the ravens are wonderful!!! I do love your stitching. I know there's a name for that running threads type-I've forgotten it-but I've used it. I like the blues-reminds me of indigo, which I love...

    1. Aren't those photos wonderful? I have an affinity for both foxes and ravens. :) Kantha stitching is using a running stitch over several layers of cloth--so simple and satisfying. Since I'm watching shows on the computer when I work on the shirt, not having to worry about anything complicated is a plus!

  4. As always, such lovely, artistic mail. I was watching videos of strange animal friends just a few days ago! A dog and lion, dogs that raised kittens, etc. They were so cute and special that I shared them with one of the grands. Wish I could remember the URL addresses.

    Your shirt just keeps getting better. I don't know for sure where your inspiration comes from, but I imagine that you see something artistic in everything and somehow transfer that to your own art and your fun shirt. Keep going! The rest of us are enjoying it very much!

    1. Thanks, Mary! :) When B.E. visits, we watch a lot of animal videos--they usually make me smile. Some are just funny, but many are touching--like one species raising the babies of another species.


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