Friday, March 31, 2017

Last of the March Mail


 Love the St. Patrick's Day postmark!

Outgoing postcards

Outgoing letters
 Another deli paper envelope that evidently had trouble in the mail.

I had fun finding flowers to copy onto this envelope.

I saved these from Radonica's blog a while back.
You can also find them in her Etsy shop.
LOVE them!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I always love all your mail! Pretty cool incoming for sure. Great postcards. I love the wine/whine postcard. LoL. Your letter envelopes are awesome too. Wow the zentangling. It's ok to have a little trouble in the mail system just as long as they get where they are supposed to go. I love those necklaces. I went right over there hoping to buy one of the ones you showed. But then I saw how long it is. Too large and long for me. But I really love them. I'm going to have another peek at everything.

    1. :) Thanks, Annie! I probably do too much whining, and I don't need extra help, but the wine gives the whining a little more elan! Aren't those necklaces wonderful? I agree, though, about the length. I know they look great on some people at that length, but not for me. I wonder if I could request a custom piece? :)

  2. Love love love the art! On both ends-incoming and outgoing! Beautiful jewelry too. Hope you will be making more art too-I mean aside from what you are already doing-which is VERY cool!

    1. It is such fun to find a cheerful letter in the mailbox!

      I don't know why I haven't done anything in clay for nearly a year--it is kind of scary. I look at unfinished little clay characters and then ignore them. I see something that inspires me, but then let the idea pass me by. There have always been long fallow spells, but this one is the longest. Need to remedy that!

  3. What a cheerful selection of mail!

    1. :) I love finding letters and postcards in my mailbox--instead of just advertisements!


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