Friday, September 13, 2013

Eccentric Figures and More Fabric Coiled Baskets

I finished this one last month.

Winding Down

I've  discovered another artist
who works with coiled baskets.
Dawna Ellis has some gorgeous
baskets, and I love her added details.

Beautiful, aren't they?


  1. Those coiled baskets ARE awesome. I love your little creature, too.

  2. Yes!! They are beautiful :) You find & share such great treasures.

  3. Agree with Connie Rose and Nancy, they are beautiful baskets. I had to visit her website and am amazed by the commissioned works! Thanks for the intro and link.

  4. Connie - I love her baskets! Dawna chooses such great colors, and the embellishments on the lids are perfect.

    Nancy - I'm glad you enjoy them; it is fun to see what artists can do with such simple supplies!

    Mary - She does do some amazing work, doesn't she?

  5. These are beautiful baskets! I started making them about a year ago, and I'm now working on learning different shapes and lids... these are very inspiring! Thanks for sharing...


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