Saturday, November 24, 2007

Another Post

I'm posting. I'm posting. Tired, but posting. Who knew how difficult it would be to post every day for a month? Not me. :)

The kids left today. Back to Baton Rouge in the cold and rain. A more difficult trip than usual (as, of course, was the trip up here) because of the well that blew out and caught fire, closing I-10 from B.R. to Lafayette. That 55 mile-long stretch over the Atchafalaya Basin (picture shows a segment of this highway; the Atchafalaya Basin is America's largest river basin swamp) has been closed since November 15 and will be closed until at least Dec. 4th. Alternate routes are few and terribly congested. What a mess.

I can't get my pictures to load to Picasa.

No sewing here for the last 4 days. Maybe tomorrow.

Want to know how to make a reindeer pop-up card? Here's the link.


  1. if I couldn't put up a picture, my posts would be much, much more infrequent - that's for sure!

    oh flashbacks to driving that elevated expanse of road! it's something else that's for sure!

    black friday - I say 'just say no!)

  2. Kim, it really is a long stretch of bridge, isn't it? Thing about all of that traffic being re-routed! And all of those communities cut off from their incomes.

  3. You're doing a great job on your daily posts. Traffic snarls -- the worst! I hate those situations. Always happens when we venture up to Chicago area and I growl. Happy Sunday.

  4. posting every day is tough. i took a day off. i am hungover anyway.

  5. have been puttering in the workroom, mainly unaware of the outside world. Somebody else has just mentioned the Atchafalaya Basin...

  6. connie -- Still trying on the daily posts! The increase in traffic each year is amazing. We have no real system of mass transit here, so we just keep putting more cars on the road.

    jude -- I'm not hungover, but I feel like it! I've literally slept away the majority of this day.

    acey -- Good for you for puttering in the workroom. Awareness of the outside world is not necessarily a good thing, is it? Major distractions about which one can usually do nothing.

  7. Every day posting is really hard, especially without pictures! I loved the reindeer pop-up card link, thanks for that.

  8. Hang in there Jen, the month's is almost over. I found this years' daily posts so much easier than last year.

  9. Julie- Ended up skipping yesterday (Tuesday) so the every day thing didn't quite work! Glad you enjoyed the link!

    Kim - It's encouraging to know that the second year is easier!


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