Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Postcards and Thread Play

Jackie Long makes the most wonderful postcards, 
a mixture of watercolor and junk mail collage.  
I've had fun in the last month making a few postcards inspired by her work!  

I love the labels on Haute Goat's wonderful, creamy goat cheeses
and save them for applying to envelopes.

Stitched three tiny scraps of wool felt together
 (left over from the motto pillow)
and continued thread play and experimenting.
This little "whatever" is about 2 x 2"

And another one...

I need groceries,
but that would mean I'd have to fix dinner...


  1. I love the note for husband! That would be fun.
    Your art is always fun too. Nice to see such detail in your stitching-really good photos!

    1. :) And my husband is a better cook than I am. He would probably want to lose so he could take charge and avoid my dull offerings! I've experimented with some different ideas on the stitching with the beads, and it has been fun.

  2. Wow Jen! These postcards are awesome. Such a cool use of paper bits collage. I love them. Your stitching always amazes me as well. So creative too. I've never looked at goat cheese so that label is definitely worthy of re-use on snail mail for a smile. I'd do almost anything too to get out of cooking! Too funny.

    1. Jackie's are awesome, mine are poor efforts, but surprisingly fun! The Haute Goat Creamery is in Longview, TX--maybe an hours drive, but they sell at the Farmer's Market here. Good Stuff! I do love their fancy-smancy goat!

      I admire those who love to cook, but it has never been a talent of mine. I have to look at recipes I've made over and over for years because my heart is never really in the process. :p

  3. The "whatevers" are delightful - so playful!


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