Tuesday, May 09, 2017


OK--I've been binge watching Korean Drama again at Drama Fever.  And making more of these "Whateversbecause I need to keep my hands busy.

 I've done a lot of little things like this over the years.  Some get a backing with a pin and become brooches; some I've stitched to one of my studio shirts; some I've given away.  I used some of my stamps for these two, and I'm working on a couple more with quotes.

I'm always drawn to this kind of work and love looking 
at the pins and brooches and tiny pieces that others make.  
Hens Teeth
Julie Arkell
Ellen Devall
Phizzy Chick
Mary Stanley
Givova Brusa
and since I can't remember any more names at the moment...Pinterest, where it is easy to get lost in inspiration and forget what you've seen and who the artist was.

I forgot to include the cat toys B.E. and I made for Prim Paws this weekend.  I might need to make some more pompoms.  Hope Prim Paws is enjoying them.

I have some mail to answer, but this is my favorite from last week.  It arrived on Saturday while B.E. was here.  I sent her to the mailbox, and the letter she sent me arrived!  She was as excited as I was to read it.  :)  Obviously, Amelia addressed it, but the art is definitely Bryce Eleanor's!

As usual, Claudia says it best.


  1. Especially love the Whatevers!

    1. Thanks, Cheryl! I haven't made any in a while, so I enjoyed my watching/stitching time. :)

  2. Yes, the whatevers are wonderful!

  3. Calling your stitched pieces "whatevers" is priceless! That makes me smile. What fun for B.E.'s letter to arrive while she was visiting. Her letters to you are so precious. You are one lucky Granny!

    1. It is kind of like "whatever am I gonna' do with this?" I'm stitching quotes right now and have switched to an Australian series tv series so I don't even have to read subtitles.

      B.E. was so excited when she came back from the mailbox--and I was so surprised! I love that she makes the effort to write because I'm always thrilled to get her letters. :)

  4. Charming indeed, and don't you and B.E. have fun together!

    1. We do have fun, but I have to admit that there are more hours of her reading or playing on her iPad than doing anything else. The days of playing with her for hours are over, and she entertains herself most of the time. :)


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