Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Mail Art, Snail Mail

Back in March, I answered a Mail Art call for Masks.
Last week I received  a wonderful documentation booklet
from Chrystobal!
 Front of the booklet 
 Just the last page,
with a list of those who contributors!
What a WOW of documentation!

Thanks, Jacque, for your letter!
Aren't the older flower stamps cool?!

To Jacque 
The quote on the back is one of my favorites,
and I often add it to letters.

From Stripygoose,
who sent a-bird-a-day for 365 Days!
 It was serendipity that mine was a cello bird,
because I'm half in love with The Two Cellos.

I also sent out 3 fabric postcards yesterday.

One to Mila, one to Max, one to Annie,
Because I made them back in March or April,
I thought I already had pics of them,
but I couldn't find them!

Obviously, I need to organize my pics--
but that takes time.
Or maybe, I shouldn't get in such a hurry
to catch the day's outgoing mail
without taking photos of what is going out.

This went out to Bryce Eleanor in today's mail.

I'm still trying to clean out things from the studio and the attic.  
Last Friday, I found letters and thank you notes from my students 
 saved over the years of teaching.  
OMG~~ I nearly cried when I read them again.   
I treasured them then, but now...they are even more special
and reminded me of some wonderful, wonderful kids!  


  1. My goodness, what a rainbow of envelopes! (And love the sleepy kitty..)

  2. I love all this colorful snail mail art! I'm an addict for it afterall. I do hope I'm the Annie in that list of outgoing postcards. Look at that sleeping kitty! Sweet. I love your drawing. And I love how you're encouraging Bryce Eleanor to write a story about the kitty.

    1. You will be getting a postcard soon! Bryce Eleanor likes to write and illustrate her own books. They are pretty short. :)

  3. Wow! This is quite a movement. You all are keeping the post office in business. Probably the REAL REASON they reduced the price of 1st class postage, lol. Seriously, I love seeing this art and how widespread mailing art and postcards is.
    xx, Carol

    1. What I love about mail art is that there are so many ways to decorate an envelope or postcard--and there are no standards. What I love about letters, whether in a decorated envelope or not, is the old school communication of content. Whether handwritten or typed, there is a freedom when writing slowly, as if you can imagine the conversation.

  4. Beautiful mail as always! You have very lucky grandchildren *smile*.

    1. I have so much fun with this! Thinking about the grands opening the mailbox, hoping for a letter or a postcard. :)


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