Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Mail Art

I had a dream shortly before Mila was born.
In the dream, she was about 4 years old
and we were holding hands.
She called me Jenny Claire,
which is what my father often called me.
Now, Jenny Claire = grandmother
to all the grands.

To Mila
I tried fusing fabric to cardstock.
It worked well, and I'll experiment some more.

The Blessing by James Wright is one of my favorite poems.
Wright stops by the side of the road to admire some ponies.
I included only the last lovely lines on the postcard.

To Max
Bryce Eleanor's drawing of a cat.

Since the pc is a cat,
I turned to T.S. Eliot's
wonderful cat poems from
Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats.

A letter to a stranger,
left in the library.

Night Journey by Theodore Roethke
This poem is so evocative of what it used to feel
like when riding a train.

:) And I included some book recommendations
for people who love epistolary novels.
I wonder if a library patron or a library worker
found this letter to a stranger...

To Bryce Eleanor
The next day, I used a copy of the cat again.
This time I wrote on both sides of the card!

To Murph's Stamps
an order for more stamps!

So far I've mailed 7 postcards or letters.
Still thinking 30/30 is daunting.
Letter Writing Month excused Sundays
and holidays, but no such benefit for Write-On.


  1. Such fun!!! I loved the poetry and the art. Mysterious letters left for a mystery person....I hear strange but beautiful music in the background, and ladies wearing black veils lurking behind doors! Sorry-got carried away!!!

    1. :) There was no black veil, but sneaking the letter on a display table was kind of exciting! I should do more of these--since I would love to find a letter from a stranger.

  2. You're amazing!!! I love the idea of a letter from a stranger. I've thought several times of putting quotations that I like in among the grocery shelves. Hmmm maybe I should actually do that one of these days.

    1. Hannah Brencher's letters to strangers is what inspired me. I like your idea of putting quotations around--grocery shelves or library shelves or wherever--I love quotes!

  3. I love this idea of leaving notes for strangers. I think I'm going to leave some letters around when I go to town next week. There are so many places to choose from. Such fun!

    1. :) Think about people smiling when they find them! And it counts for 30/30--at least in my version!

  4. Aww, Jen. What sweet postcards to the kids! I'll bet they love getting these in the mail. California (ok, not all of it) is too creepy for leaving letters to strangers, but in areas where it isn't a creepy thing, AWESOME!

    1. Next week, I'll go back to letters and include "typed" poems. I'm not at all sure what they will be saying about receiving poems, but I'm browsing through my books for poems that will be appropriate. :)

  5. I'm sure the letter for a stranger made someone's day!

    1. I put it a table display of fantasy books. :) I do hope someone enjoyed it.

  6. This is a fabulous post. I have a blog friend that leaves random pieces of art anywhere and have participated in her endeavor to spread the love. I really like leaving something to someone I don't know. I have found a few pieces myself..mostly from Church people that have left lovely thoughts for someone to find.
    xx, Carol

    1. :) Leaving a tiny piece of art, like an ATC, is a great idea, Carol! And what fun to find one!


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