Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Sock Pockets!!

There are few things I love more than serendipity--when something pops up at just the right time. Doing the laundry this morning, I sadly noted that no matches had yet appeared for the lonely socks: those socks that survive the mysterious sock wormhole, those mate-less, lonely socks.  They remain in the laundry room--melancholy, hopeless, and matchless.

And then I stumbled on this post by Catherine of  Stuff You Can't Have:  Sock Pockets!

And then the next day, Catherine posted the adult version.
Love these.  Funny and useful!

A couple of years ago, I made my first "studio" shirt 
from one of Fee's old shirts.
I added pockets, but I always need more.

I'm going through the lost socks to see what I can use.

I never took a picture of the one below, just the detail of working on it.
These shirts come down to my knees, and I use both of them all the time--
and still get paint on my clothes.

We are in the midst of an unprecedented weather system 
that has been dumping huge amounts of rain since yesterday.
Flooded streets, school closures.

Fee is stuck in Texas.
Roads closed all over Texas and Louisiana.

Since Fee has assured me that he will stay put,
I feel better.
Definitely a pajama day.
Think I'll watch a little of the last season of Justified
and play with my fabric postcards.



  1. It certainly sounds like it isn't weather for driving!
    Those sock pockets do sound intriguing...

    1. Unbelievable amounts of rain over the last several days; entire neighborhoods evacuated.

      I think I'm going to add at least one sock pocket to each of my "studio" shirts. :) Useful and amusing!

  2. Oh gosh, we have rain in the forecast for today. I'd love to stay in, but got a doc appt. These sock pockets are a crazy idea...what fun for kids!! The adult pocket in a t-shirt pocket is a good one too. A great conversation starter as well.

    My grandson (20) says that we loose our socks in the wash. Sometimes it will spin out over the side of the drum and out with the water. He read that somewhere, but I'm not so sure I buy it. Especially because I often find socks in the couch cushions....behind and under the bed and..(sorry this is gross) in dog doo doo.
    xx, Carol

    1. Socks to turn up in the strangest places. After a visit from B.E., her socks only appear after she leaves. The cats have a thing for Fee's socks; they will crawl head first into his boots to get them.

  3. Love the idea of the sock pockets. Wouldn't they be great on a winter jacket - something to tuck your hands into for warmth.

    1. Only on a jacket I would wear around the house! :) It reminds me of an incident with one of my daughter's friends when they were in high school--Laura's panties were attached to her sweater through static cling!

  4. Oh poor Laura. I've been caught with the dryer sheet attached to my back--that was bad enough! The sock pockets are fun, but like you only for a jacket or apron meant to be worn at home.
    Hope all is well with your family and that Fee has a safe drive home. He may be a few days from the looks of things. We saw some really bad scenes on the news tonight. Even we are out of school tomorrow because streets and roads are flooded, and what we got is so little in comparison.

    1. I know! Poor Laura. As for the sock pockets--I love the whimsey, the ridiculousness of them! They make me happy.

      Fee has been so bored and frustrated, stuck in a hotel room all this time. But thank goodness, we are all safe and sound. This has been an unprecedented event, and I'm so sad for all of those people whose homes are under water.


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