Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Recycled, Repurposed--What Fun!

I've been using one of Fee's old shirts as a summer cover-up for chores or when the air conditioner cranks up. I bemoaned the lack of pockets for a while, but was too lazy to do anything about it.  (This isn't the same shirt as the one I've embroidered all over, although I keep it for the same purpose.)

So after kvetching about no pocket, I found myself  in the studio, just looking at some of the things I'd made that had no purpose whatsoever, when it occurred to me that one of the eco-dyed, leaf-printed pieces I'd embroidered on a couple of years ago, might make a good pocket.  The piece was already backed with muslin, so I sewed it on the shirt.

Next, I cut off the badly frayed collar, and pinned one of my embroidered fabric brooches over the other frayed portion.  Hmmm....and there was the little blue & white patchwork piece, and some embroidered linen.  Two more pockets.

 What next? 
 Some of the fabric brooches I'd made several years ago?  
Some of the newer things I've embroidered to keep my hands busy?  
All of a sudden, the choices were plentiful, and
the shirt has become a canvas for items 
that had no other use.

Other possibilities:

 I originally planned to use the hearts
on something else,
but they may go on the shirt, too.

I love Julie Arkell's textile pins all over an article of clothing, a Mermaid's Tale used a child's robe to display her brooches, Diane Savonna's  (Treasure) Hunting Jacket that is heavy with artifacts, Mandy Patullo's creative whimsey, Jody Bloom's Mourning Jacket, and Jude Hill's work that includes this shirt.

And two Etsy shops with similar items:  SistersRoseandRuby and Fleurbonheur.

Since I've made a foray into the studio, maybe some of the other things I've planned to work on may come to fruition.


  1. I love what you've done with that shirt! Wear it in good health! xo

  2. Thanks, Connie! I'm having fun with it.


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