Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fire burn, and caldron bubble.. (the last? of the Halloween decorations)

Witch from last year is back again.

Another decoration from last year.

In the mirror,
 wonderful creations.
I love the mismatched eyes
and cone hat.
Below is my Halloween baker
on a vintage eggbeater.

I made Bitter & Boo a couple of years ago,
but they remain a favorite
and take the same spot each year.

Last year, a skeleton took up residence in this cloche;
this year, I stuffed the basket of ghosts 
and flowers inside.

Altered baby doll

What's missing?  The La Calavera Catrinas that I made for the girls and some black cats.  Quite a few  Eccentrics have gone to live elsewhere.  

Even though I won't make anything else for Halloween, I've been getting tons of ideas from other people's blogs and from Pinterest.  

As if I didn't have enough ideas and unfinished projects, I'm inspired by these Halloween Fanatics:

Jann at Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson
Shirley at Hudson's Holidays
Peggy at Woman with Wings
Carol at Birds and Beads
Viv at Vivs Whimsy
Kim at Hunt & Host


  1. You had plenty of ideas of your own - you must have a house full of decorative little friends!

    1. :) The house is rather full around this time of year! Every shelf occupied!

  2. I love to look at your art. There is something about birdcage art that speaks to me. Your dolls in a cage are perfect Halloween. I want to find one of those glass lamps that you can fill so I can decorate for each season. Now I'm off to visit the links you gave. If you like them, I'm sure I will too!
    Happy Halloween.
    xx, Carol

    1. :) It is comforting to know that there are other Halloween Fanatics out there! Enjoy the links!

  3. You are a fine doll maker, and really, your ability to do so many things is awesome. It makes me want to work harder!!!

    1. That means a lot to me, Debra, since you are one of my favorite creators! I am moving into one of my fallow stages now, having finished with Halloween. I'm going to have to clean the studio and wait for another burst of creative energy to hit.


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