Friday, September 04, 2015

New Fabric and WIPs

I told myself I had plenty of fabric and would not purchase anymore until I'd used up some of my stash.  Of course, I say the same about books, but my good intentions always go out the window when confronted with something I love.

Ft. Worth Fabric Studio offered some irresistible fabrics.  I'm always on the lookout for Halloween fabrics, and the Citrus Notes bundle is full of my favorite orange!

If my heart wasn't already singing, the lovely folks at FWFS included lagniappe , a little note pad and Wyler's Light packet!  Definitely my new fabric source, and I enjoy reading their blog, too.

 Citrus Notes bundle
I don't even want to cut them;
right now, they are just a visual delight.
Instead of tissue paper,
or styrofoam peanuts,
the filler was fabric scraps!
What a good idea!
Oh, this is lagniappe, too!
I can see tons of fabric beads
as a result of this scrappy banquet.

I am in the throes of too many ideas, too many "I want to" possibilities.  After a long summer of inactivity, all of a sudden I'm back in that ADD situation and can't make up my mind about what next.  

Yesterday morning, I worked on some Halloween Eccentrics, sculpting some little monsters, and ignoring the heads that have been waiting for months.  Then I stopped and did some mending on my "studio shirt" because I caught it on something and ripped another ragged hole.  All the time feeling anxiety because there are half a dozen projects I want to try.
 Eccentric Monsters.
Beaver with a horn?
I don't know, but they were fun.
They held my interest for a little while, at least.
Now, they need bodies.

I finished the Ian Fleming letters a while back and truly enjoyed it.  I never would have expected to like the man so much.  Haven't posted my review as it isn't out until Nov., but it will be glowing.
Ready Player One has been on my list for a long time, and I'm glad I finally got around to reading it.  I've reviewed it over at A Garden Carried in the Pocket.  Great fun.
Right now I'm reading Failing Our Brightest Kids, and it is an eye-opener and a sad one in many ways.  As a retired teacher, however, it is of great interest to me.  We are wasting so much potential, and other countries are leaving us behind educationally.  The statistics are disheartening.  


  1. What a lovely set of fabrics. And I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with all those strips!

    1. I love my new fabrics, but as yet, have no idea what I will do with all of the scrappy strips!

  2. First of all, thank you. I googled lagniappe. I don't think I have ever run across that word. cool. I love all things Halloween. I have several items I leave up year round and just move them around the house. I don't usually make political statements but your mention of the last book sparked my fire. I live in Indiana, a state that has recently implemented the school voucher program that has left our public schools in the lurch. I never understand how legislators can be so short sided.

    I just can't wait to see what you'll be creating for the coming spooky season!!

    1. Ah, lagniappe is a common word here in Louisiana and always much appreciated! Failing Our Brightest has been so readable (aside from a good many acronyms for the various institutions that examine educational process). The comparisons with other countries leave the U.S. looking pretty sad. And so much conflicting information about what to do to improve is worrisome.

      Halloween is such a fun holiday, isn't it? I love making stuff for Halloween!

  3. Your work is 'cut of for you' and I can't wait to see the end results. I love Fall and Halloween -- I do try to control myself until October before putting out my 'stuff' - but this year I might just start early.

    1. :) I try to control the decorating urge until Oct., too, but I am late getting started on the "making" part of Halloween.

  4. You already know I'm not a scary-loving person...mostly just scared of everything, but I do like those fabrics! I should be in the studio working on an orange block (coincidental?) for the October bee queen. Your little monsters are terribly funny, though.

    Now I'll have to add the last book to my ever growing must-read list. I'll consider it lagniappe, then it won't be a chore! haha Have a wonderful time deciding what to do now, then next, and then, and get the picture!

    1. I don't really want my monsters to be too scary; don't want to frighten children or anything. :) I do love my new fabrics, Mary. Oooh, I'll have to check on your orange block--my favorite color!

  5. I also love orange and rusty orange-I'm always drawn to those colors. I know what you mean about wanting to do too many things all at the same time!!! :)

    1. :) I love all most all shades of orange! It presents a problem when there are too many things we want to do--and I hate making decisions, so I often begin several projects at once. Then I'm frustrated about where to spend my time!


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