Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fidget Quilt #8

I intended the next f.q. to have flaps, 
but instead decided to see if I could make a zipper pocket.

The deep orange would work for a contrast in pocket since I used an orange zipper.  
Then, I pulled out orange prairie points from my "odd bits" basket.
Added the prairie points and another strip of the light purple.
Then added the orange border around zipper block.
And some green strips along the side
to make it fit with the blocks I'd pieced.

The first bit of sun we've had in days!
Finished quilt after being washed twice.
Need to press the rick rack down.

Dangling buttons can be tucked inside zipper pouch.
Zipper can be opened and closed.
Buttons, pompoms, prairie points, rick rack, and loops
can provide places for restless fingers
to fidget. 

After washing the quilt the first time,
I didn't think the machine quilting was enough,
so I added more quilting by hand.
Not a lot, but some inside each of the charm squares.
It is time-consuming, but soothing.

I put in all of the previous quilts for a second wash.
Everything held up again,
So I assume all items are attached sufficiently.

Now, I need to take the next step.
I said I'd donate them when I had 8 done.
Guess it is time to see about that.
What else have I been doing?
My own form of "fidgeting."
When I am stalled, for whatever reason,
I turn to free form embroidery.

It is relaxing, meditative, and comforting
to stitch without any plan, filling in blank spaces with color.
I will fill this little fella' up,
a bit at a time.

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  1. Your fidget quilt is SWEET!!! And I love the colors, so gay (as in happy).

  2. Love this FQ!! I especially like the zipper -- perhaps the pocket might get used by someone's handkerchief. You always use the most 'fun' colors in the world.

    1. Right, the pocket can provide more than one purpose. :) I've gotten a world of use out of that charm pack from years ago.

  3. I agree with Penny....these colors are fun and bright and cheerful. I have to get back in gear this weekend! :-) You've caught up! You know I donated my eight quilts then realized that I missed photographing one. Shoot! Oh well, I'll survive. Now to dig out some oranges, purples and greens.....these colors have me inspired!

    1. I've been trying to print a bit of information to go with the quilts, but my printer is frustrating. It isn't playing nice. Hope to get them donated next week--with or without information. :)

      You will be ahead of me in no time. I spend more time changing my mind than actually getting anything done!

  4. It hasn't taken you long to get your eight finished - well done!

    1. I could go a lot faster if I would quit doing my favorite parts. I swear I won't do a lot of hand quilting or embroidery...and then I can't resist. :)

  5. I hope you don't mind late entries. I spent a good part of this afternoon looking at your FQs. The first and the last are my favorites. Prairie Points are my fav decoration and I expect one of the safer trims. I realized the other day that I could use up a lifetime of hoarded things making something that might be encouragement or comfort in someone's last days. Thank you for sharing your work and details that are helpful.

    1. Thank you, Jean! I will probably make more of the FQs; I certainly enjoyed working on these. As with all else, I have cycles of creative energy, but I always enjoy using fabrics and scraps in a useful way. :)


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