Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wolf mask in progress.

Bryce Eleanor has no interest in dolls,
but has a fascination with all animals.
She has a large collection of stuffed critters,
and loves little tiny plastic ones:
cats, dogs, horses, etc.

She also loves tails.
We've made various tails in the past
out of ribbon and rope and strips of fabric,
but this time, the textured wool felt
in my stash called out to be tails.

Of course, you can buy tails on Etsy
and at TellTails,
and mine won't be as elaborate,
but they will inexpensive,
and B.E. will like them just fine.

At some point,
I might make a dragon tail, 
but this week will be generic-looking
wolf and cat tails.

Here is another tail I love,
Telltails' Cat in the Hat tail!

We will be making some little Peggies,
I have to try things out first...
I painted one and added clay ears and tail
(which have not been painted yet).

We might even make little
houses for them as well.

Rabbit Lovie.
Muslin--gessoed, painted, sealed, sanded.
The effect is so different from cloth.
When I've done this technique in shades of brown,
the result looks like leather.
Should have paid attention to the butterfly
when taking the above photo,
it got folded back.
Second Lovie has a number of problems
that need to be corrected,
so I'll probably keep it as a kind of example
of what TO do and what NOT to do.

I find Lovie 2 a friendly sort 
and don't mind keeping him around.

 Just for fun:
Would you?


  1. Would I rock the boat or wear the boat.....neither I hope!

    That Lovie is adorable, and the Peggies are too cute. I haven't hear of those before but I do like the idea!

    1. I ordered the little pegs a couple of years ago to make woodland fairies or gnomes, but BE was not interested in fairies. When I found them again, I realized puppies and kittens would be a better choice. :)

  2. The treated muslin does look very different, doesn't it!

    1. Looks and feels different--and waterproof, too! :)

  3. I LOVE Rabbit Lovie. The technique is so cool! Putting the gesso/paint thing into my 'maybe someday' file for a future doll.

    1. Do you have as many "maybe someday" ideas as I do? Coming up with ideas is half the fun--and expanding on those ideas! Sometimes I spend more time thinking about ideas than making them. :)

  4. I think it's amazing all this wonderful creativity. I'm so impatient so I start things and never finish. The one thing I would love to be able to do is a patchwork quilt - I love patchwork quilts.
    And, no, I would not rock the boat - some of the guys in that picture look a bit worried about that very thing.
    Lynn :D

    1. :) I have so many things that I start and never finish. I love patchwork quilts, too; they always have that comforting look and feel. They are symbolic, aren't they? Kind of like apple pie--home and comfort.


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