Monday, April 20, 2015

Of Interest to Me

Holy Angels, 
a local residential facility,
provides an exciting and joyful life
to those who might otherwise be neglected.

My daughter and an old friend (that's you, Sheila)
are very much involved.
They are just two of the many heroes that
contribute to this wonderful facility.

Even the videos make me smile!
My lovely daughter with two friends at Holy Angels.


  1. You've raised a beautiful and giving daughter. Please give her a hug for me - for the work she does and the person she is.

  2. I have two wonderful daughters, but I'm so grateful that at least Amelia lives in Shreveport. Amelia has always been interested in charity work and gives a great deal of her time to various charitable causes, but Holy Angels is her favorite. Erin is in Baton Rouge, so I have to miss her more than see her. Thanks again for the tip about the hat!

  3. She is beautiful--both inside and out! How wonderful that she is interested and is able to find time to do charity work. Obviously you've influenced her.

  4. I don't know how she does all the things she does--working, volunteering, taking Bryce Eleanor to all her activities, etc. No, she doesn't get the ability to handle an active life from me. I'm a sluggard. :)


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