Saturday, December 06, 2014

This and That

In the Studio

I'm taking an online class: 
I'm learning,
but have a long way to go!
I was supposed to use a Styrofoam egg,
but didn't have one when I started,
so I used a round Styrofoam ball.

This fellow needs a lot of work,
and hopefully,
I will be able to improve my skill,
but he is fine for practice. 

Have done nothing with the clay beads
I started a while back.

Finally, found something I can use
for the noses on my other two gnomes.

This one has a brown bead,
but I think I'll use tiny bells for the noses
on the other two.

This fellow is almost 5"--including the hat!


    Just finished rereading two books for young readers 
    that I loved when my girls were little.
     The Westing Game didn't hold up as well for me this time, 

    but The Egypt Game was as delightful this time 
    as it was when I first read it!

    Finished The Queen of Tearling,

     which I enjoyed (even though I had several "nitpicks");

      will review soon on my book blog.

    Reading a biography of Lewis Carroll (slowly)

     and a new suspenseful book by Michael Robotham.

    I love lists like this one--  Home Uses for Vinegar.  
    This is one I'm going to try: 

    8. Do away with the gunk on chrome hardware. 
    Soak a few stacked paper towels in vinegar, 
    ring them out and wrap around the faucet,
     handles or showerhead for 10 minutes. 
    Remove the wrap, and let dry.

    Now that is something I can use!

    What Else?

    I find myself oddly uninterested in Christmas decorating.
    The tree is up.
    Not decorated.
    No other hint of the season.

    I'm not sure why,
    but although I'm eager to Make Things,
    My desire to drag things out of boxes



    1. I rather like your Styrofoam face - it is certainly a great start.

      1. :) Thanks, Rachel! I never like them until they are finished, so I hope I when I finish this guy, he will be OK. I'll never have Marlaine's skill, but I've already learned a little more about facial expression.

    2. I swear I know a guy who looks just like Mr. Styrofoam Ball. Thanks for the link to the hint page.

      1. Is he bald? This guy may eventually have hair, or he may have a hat to hide his rather lumpy head.

        Vinegar has so many uses, and I always appreciate new hints for common household items.

    3. I love this guy - he looks quite blissful. Yes to vinegar and baking soda - I use that mixture a lot.

      1. Thanks, Penny! Yep, I use both baking powder and vinegar, combined and separately, for several things. Baking powder is an excellent gentle scourer for my sink.


    Good to hear from you!