Saturday, September 20, 2014

In the Mail

Penny Baugh of Art Journey  celebrated
 her fifth blogging anniversary with a give-away.
  I was lucky enough to win the most gorgeous bookmark!

by Penny Baugh of Art Journey
 Just look at the detail in the beading!

I'm so pleased and proud of this beautiful piece of art
and have it hanging in my studio so I can admire it --
and appreciate the talent  and the time
 that went into its creation.

But Penny's creative eye is also at work in other areas.
She makes the most charming and whimsical dolls,
each with a story and a unique personality. 

Here is Penny's Flora Fernley,
one of my favorites.
by Penny Baugh of Art Journey

You can see other lovably quirky characters
on Penny's blog,  Art Journey. 

I've been working in the garden this morning.
Weeding, resetting some flagstone steps,
planting some pots, etc.

Have had to stop every so often to wipe off the sweat.
A little after 8:00, I checked my weather app.
It said the humidity was 100%!

I didn't even know the humidity could be that high without rain.
When I take a break, I check again--
the temperature goes up,
but the humidity doesn't go down.

Back to the salt mines!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Thanks so much Jen for your mention of me and my 'workings' - really just 'playings'. Ohhh the salt mines don't sound fun -- take along a little chocolate *smile*.


  2. Interesting, quirky dolly, there. I love that she has some flower packets in her pocket. Oh and the perfectly placed buttons on the dress front add just a touch of sass.

    The bookmark is just artful. My favorite is the map with the bead markers. I was trying to figure out if the map is fabric or paper but I can't tell. No matter, I think I have a fabric scrap that has a map on it. I'm going to have to search it out and play.

    Jenclair, do get in the A/C before you have a heat stroke! I can barely water plants in this heat and you're actually working?

  3. I was lucky enough to win one of these bookmarks as well, though as I am not really blogging at the moment haven't taken a picture of it. But it is also beautiful and I love Penny's dolls. I am so happy to own something that she has made.

  4. Really cool handmade bookmark. Lucky you.

  5. Penny - :) I still think a book with your characters would be great!

    Mary - Oh, Flora does have that touch of sass, doesn't she? I love my intricately beautiful bookmark.

    Debbie - All of Penny's bookmarks are so gorgeous--we certainly are the lucky ones to win our own! :) I love Penny's dolls, too, and may be one day, I'll be able to add one to my little collection.

    Krafty Connie - I know! Lucky me!


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