Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The Shirt Continues...

Working on the sleeves which were about 8-10 inches too long.  
I made pleats in one sleeve.
I gathered several sections
in the other sleeve.

I cut scraps and sewed them to one cuff.

And use my sari ribbon
on the other cuff.

 Most of the above was done on Sunday,
but I had to work some more on
shortening the sleeves, yesterday.

Also, yesterday, I did the scrappy
patchwork thing on the collar.

The One-a-day thing
is at least getting me
upstairs each day.


  1. Love your one thing a day idea. I'm kind of embracing it. ;-))

  2. Ahhh! It is such a minor goal, and it is so easy to extend it if you are enjoying yourself!


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