Sunday, February 23, 2014

Heart to Heart

Before Christmas, I started making hearts 
from scrap fabrics, lace, yarn, etc. 
 I'd work on them when I needed a little handwork, 
but no serious thinking.  

Then with the advent of Valentine's Day, 
more hearts were in progress.  
Some I stuffed with flaxseed and lavender
 (what a pain, flaxseed and lavender do not go easily into the hearts, 
they cling to the fabric and struggle to escape); 
others I stuffed with polyfill, a much easier process.

Now, I have a basket filled with fabric scraps, 
some with hearts drawn on them already,
and lots of scraps of lace and other embellishments,
and I can work on hearts when I feel like it.

 Making the hearts is a soothing process.
I can listen to NPR
or watch Drama Fever or Netflix,
choose embellishments,
and embroidery floss,
thread needles,
stitch on machine or by hand.
 As I've been trying to de-stash, dispose of clutter,
and re-organize lately,
when I become overwhelmed,
I sit down and work on a heart.
Using up some of the scrappy stuff
in the "heart basket."


  1. Your hearts are lovely! I have similar things I could use to make a bunch of hearts like yours. Very pretty. I think it would make a "loving" gift to give a small basket of hearts to those need a little love. Thanks for inspiring us with your lovely creations.

  2. I love these hearts! What a wonderful pastime, having a basket of hearts to hand stitch. I love it!

  3. Celia - Thank you! It is fun to choose the shape, the method of embellishment, and use up scraps. You are right, they would make great little gifts in a "just because" situation.

    Connie Rose - :) Thanks! I love having a simple handwork project that can keep my hands busy; also easy to take with me if going somewhere.

  4. Thanks! They are a nice pastime between housework and reading!

  5. Beautiful work! As always, you're so talented!

  6. Mary, you are so sweet. I always appreciate your supportive comments!


Good to hear from you!