Thursday, February 27, 2014

And So It Goes

My studio overhaul is still in progress, but has definitely slowed down.  I'm looking for some inexpensive bookshelves for convenient storage and easy access, and I want a new table of some sort for working on projects.  I use my cutting table for almost everything, but it takes up so much space in my tiny studio that it would be nice to have another work surface so I only have to open the cutting table when I have a large project.

As I've continued to look through the plastic storage bins and sort through what to keep and what to cull, I find interesting tidbits from the past.  I've stored scraps and small blocks in plastic bags that I'm setting aside for more hearts or small projects of pieced and embellished items.  The "heart basket" overflowed, and I'm sorting things out a bit.
 Hearts in progress.
 They make nice pin cushions, too
 Buttons and other embellishments litter my sewing table,
and must be swept out of the way in order to sew.

I look through a lot of pictures of craft spaces, and although I love seeing those perfectly designed or beautifully decorated studios, the ones that feel like "me" are the ones in absolute disarray.  You know, the ones with fabric and tools scattered about by crafters in the process of some creative project.  

While a beautiful room is one of my dreams, the truth is that I will always be pulling stuff out to audition and leaving it for a while in case I change my mind.  And I will almost always be working on more than one project at a time.

If I can just manage to get things more easily within reach, get some shelves, and a new table--things would be greatly improved!


  1. My worktable is really three medium sized table on the same frame, so it's pretty big and always filled with stuff. I blame my need to have things around me to be creative.

    Can you close part of your worktable and leave part open for use? Then open it completely when you're working on a large project?

    Bookshelves are perfect for storage because they take vertical space not floor space. Good luck with the cleanup.

  2. I do the cutting table up sometimes, but that never lasts long!

    I need things visible, too. The way I pile things on every available surface reflects that need. :)

    Bookshelves would help, and I've looked at some inexpensive cabinets at Lowes that could be be covered with a work surface. If I leave the doors off the cabinets, items could be stored, but visible and easily available.

    A work in progress. Slow going, though!


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