Monday, October 28, 2013

More Fun

One of the Pinterest ideas that I've been wanting to try.

There are dozens of ideas about how to use plastic animals,
and I will be probably be trying more of them!
 So simple.
A little sanding, gesso, paint, and glue.

That is all there is to it.
I put this one on a baby food jar
that holds the dyed beans and macaroni
we used on one of our Bryce Eleanor play days.

Next, I'll be getting out the drill to make candle holders
out of some of them.

Oh, the places we'll go...
a menagerie of plastic animals with which to craft.

But they will have to wait a while
(along with several other projects)
because we are spending a few days at the cabin.


  1. I have been saving jars with this idea in mind. I love how well yours turned out.

  2. Sophie - Some people have such great ideas. This is so simple and such fun. I want to see yours when you get some done!

  3. Great idea for storing small toys. I imagine you can attach the small animals to just about anything once you get started. I bet there are a few dolls who would appreciate a pet or two, as well.

  4. HA! Something about this really makes me smile :)

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  6. Mary - Hmmm, hadn't thought about pets for dolls! Thanks for the suggestion!

    Nancy - :) Such a simple thing, but it makes me smile, too! You will be seeing more of these little creatures soon--I love easy smiles.


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