Friday, September 27, 2013

Weaving and Some Lovely New Yarn

I'm still practicing weaving and trying different combinations of yarns.
I've played with leaving little windows in the pieces, too.

It's fun and hopefully, I will improve.
I wanted some "art yarn"
and went in search of some online.

I found this gorgeous yarn from AtomicBlue's Etsy shop. 
 It was a super quick delivery, and I couldn't wait to use it, 
and so I made another sample item using the yarn, 
some ribbon yarn, and some silk sari strips.

The yarn, Dozen Roses, is beautiful, and I'm so pleased with it.
My weaving skills are still doubtful, 
(I cut the warp threads to short and had trouble tying them easily)
but I added more sari ribbon for fringe.
I enjoy the process, the handling of the yarn, 
and the pleasure of watching row on row mount, little by little.

And here is that smallest member of The Triad gang,
nestled in the tissue paper my new yarn came wrapped in.
Atomicblue added a nice note, 
some wool roving, and a few candies
as a surprise lagniappe!

I've been spending too much time on Pinterest lately.
Weeks will go by without my checking anything out,
then I get interested in a topic, 
and it is like being drawn into a whirlpool.

Weaving, and spinning, and yarns, and drop spindles....

And Bryce Eleanor is coming tomorrow,
so I've been trying to organize my studio a 
little better for activities with the kid.

She left one of her headbands here,
so I think I'll make some decorated headbands.
Not that she (or Mila) are much concerned
with appearances,
but that I love playing with projects 
that use scraps and are quick and easy.

We will also go on our nature walks,
collecting treasures along the way,
if it doesn't rain, that is.
And if it does rain, that will be OK
because we do need it.

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the weaving it so spontaneous, gorgeous colours and yarn.

  2. Thanks, Debbie! I'm a total novice, but I am really enjoying the weaving process. And I love that beautiful yarn from AtomicBlue.

  3. Love the windows in there!

  4. What a pretty, unique piece! I love the sari fringe. It gives the piece a finished look. As for the windows, I spent too much time trying to figure out how you managed them without any frayed threads showing. You say you're a novice, but I say you're a natural.

  5. Nancy - Incorporating the gaps is fun, but probably only for wall hangings. :)

    Mary - I love using the sari scraps. I ordered them from Etsy some time back and have used them in various projects. If the frayed edges show, it doesn't bother me; it is just added texture. Right?

    Yvette - Thanks!

  6. Love the weaving! Wouldnt they make really fabulous table mats!

  7. :) I've been wondering what I could do with them! Thanks for the suggestion!


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