Friday, January 25, 2013

Moodling and Bobbin Wrangling

I haven't been as active in posting 
so far this year.
:) Guess I haven't had much to post about.

Took these pics of Bryce Eleanor,
who after insisting on getting up early,
took a morning nap in Fee's recliner 
last weekend.

The only creative (?) thing,
I've done since Christmas is work on
the slow cloth shirt.
This one of Fee's old shirts that
 was serving as a smock.
I've been slowly embroidering for months now.
One of the more recent areas with
lots of running stitches.
I just start anywhere and 
stitch until tired of it.

While standing in the hair care aisle
 the other day
 looking for an extra large clip for my hair, 
I noticed those small, colorful scrunchies for kids and remembered seeing a Pinterest Tip on using them to keep bobbins tidy.

Keep bobbins in line with small scrunchies - great idea =why didn't I think if it?

With a little research, 
I discovered the original tip came from 
Karen at Sew Many Ways.
She has lots of other sewing organization tips.

Anyway, I bought a 42 count 
Goody Ouchless Ponytailer package
for $2.17 and plan to corral a bunch of bobbins.

Other ideas for bobbin wrangling
 from Annie's Crafts.

Love the way they keep the thread in place!


  1. B.E. is so adorable. Love what you're doing with that shirt. And great tip for bobbins -- except with those gizmos wrapped around, you can't see what color the thread is. I keep all my bobbins in an abalone shell. Occasionally I just snip off all the stray ends. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Cute pictures of sleeping B.E.! I love your slow cloth embroidery. I'm sure you've done other creative things since Christmas!

  3. Connie - Yep, the color is a bit of problem. I keep most of my bobbins with my thread, which makes it easier, but guess I'll have to look twice for those in the bobbin case.
    But...I can always use them on B.E.!

    Francoise - Thanks! No, I really have not been creative lately, but my house is clean! Soon, I hope, the creative impulse will reappear.

  4. Jenny, I cannot get motivated to blog--partly because I've been sick with cold off and on since Christmas and partly because I have issues with photographs, size, etc. I have been reading like crazy. I might create a second blog since I can't even do one. I expect I'll get back in swing of things once I recover. I like the idea and I imagine a tiny snippet of thread could show but wouldn't totally unravel with scrunchie to hold them.

  5. PS. We should look so cute and totally relaxed when we nap!!

  6. BE is so cute. I think I want to do that. I sure love your stitching on that shirt. Really neat!

  7. Your little DGD is so cute and sweet. NOTHING is better than grandchildren. Hoping all is well with you -- we've had a period of "long time no see" haven't we. I wasn't blogging much between last summer until recently and rather lost touch with my bloggy friends. Belated happy new year to you, my friend. xoc

  8. Your DGD is adorable! I 've been looking for those little scrunchies, and haven't yet found them in my area, but I did find clear slightly stretchy ones that I've tried: a little difficult to get off and on, but they work keeping those bobbin thread ends curtailed.

  9. Teresa - You've had a difficult time this winter! For the pictures, do you use Picasa? You can resize there, and it's free.

    Stephie - B.E. and I are getting to ready to meet the rest of the family down at the cabin right now. Today's nap should be a good one!

    Connie -- I'm glad to hear you are hoping to blog more again. We all go through those phases!

    Suz -- I found the scrunchies at Walmart, but maybe I should look for the clear ones!

  10. what a priceless picture of BE...and a neat idea to keep spools tidy too!

  11. Jenclair, I read somewhere, Pinterest maybe, to coordinate the color of the scrunchies and the color of the thread. It all sounds like so much confusion, but maybe it will work for you. I keep my bobbins in a wooden tray that has a magnetic strip built in. The magnetic prevents the bobbins from falling out and the thread just stays wrapped as a result. BE is a darling and a nap that comfy has to be good for the soul. We call a really long restful nap a "sleep" from when our boys were young and called it that....not that boys take many of either! Have a great week.

  12. liniecat - :) Grandkids are great, aren't they?

    Mary - Yes, I did do that, but when you have 5-10 shades of one color.... I like the idea of a magnetic strip, though, and can see how practical that would be.

    Napping is a delightful pastime, and all mothers and grandmothers need one! Whether it is the kid napping or both of you. :)


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