Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Wooden Christmas Basket

I've had the wooden basket
for a couple of years, and usually,
it stays outside.
But this year, I brought it in
and added pine cones and table utensils
and a little greenery.

The flea market silverplate forks
were terribly tarnished so I
searched for an easy way to clean them,
as I certainly didn't want the messy method
I've always used before.  

This method is wonderful.
Fast, easy, and practically effortless.

 the cup had little 
silver plate left,
but the little salt shaker
came out all nice and shiny. 

(Also found this great 
Pinterest site for tips
on home cleaning
and DIY.)

 The little red leather book
was a gift from a student
years ago and makes frequent appearances
in various vignettes
 because I love it so.
Some of our favorite Christmas books
in a sewing machine drawer
on top of small vintage suitcase.

And on household tips,
I discovered my own useful one
the other day when changing the bedding
in B.E.'s room.

I left the sheets in the dryer too long,
so they were really wrinkled,
and they are cotton-- a pain to get looking crisp.
What would be a quick and easy way
to accomplish this?

I filled up my steam iron,
got an extension cord,
Put the fitted sheet on the bed,
and ironed it on the bed!

Then the top sheet
and pillow cases.
Took no time at all
and worked a treat!

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  1. The bed as an ironing board! Ha!
    The guy made silver spoon rings for the nieces this year, made out of old spoons from my childhood :) Thanks for the silver cleaning tip - will try it tomorrow!

  2. Nancy - It was so much better than a skinny ironing board!

    Yes, do try the tarnish removal tip! Easy!

  3. Looks great!!! Thanks for sharing at Welcome Home Wednesday!!! Deb:)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've certainly enjoyed perusing yours - you are so very talented. I think my favorite was the witch on the caster and broom -- a real hoot!! Sally

  5. So pretty. You do a great job decorating. And what a great idea on the sheets. I can't fathom trying to iron sheets. I might have washed them again to avoid that. LOL.

  6. Stephie - :) This was much quicker than rewashing. Organic cotton sheets are just wrinkly, but leaving them in the dryer is still a mistake.


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