Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Inside and Out

Ricky and Teresa have the most
 wonderful old home.
I've written about it before,
but between the talented twosome,
inside and out,
it is a beautiful place.
Ricky has decorated for Christmas
with Santa and bicycles!
My tiny old oil cans
have been put to good use.
Attached star shaped buttons
to wires and made star bouquets.
They hover above little angels
in an old green tin.

 The Evil Triad
pretend innocence,
but of course, 
we know better.
 Edgar, Stinker, and Lucy 
are merely resting up 
and thinking of their next attempt at chaos.

Nancy sent me this link
which gives a good representation
of what just one cat can accomplish.


The living room.
Love my little angels.

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  1. The house looks lovely.......what time should I be there???
    Loved the cat clip lol
    One Christmas I had 17 rescue kittens in the house ( we didnt home over Christmas and New Year).
    They were aged from 6/7 weeks to a 4/5 month old.
    That year Id bought a 6' real tree and you have no idea how true that clip is!!
    Id lay in bed at night listening to baubles rolling round the lounge floor where they were all confined...away from my patient, but only so far, 2 dogs.
    The kittens took to galloping from one end of the room to the other and you could hear them run from one end to the other chasing baubles and they trailed tinsel streamers behind them.
    It was hoot I must admit but I vowed not to end up with so many unhomed for Xmas again!
    Thankfully they all used litter trays!!!
    One morning I went in and 3 of the smallest were inside the tree, just like Simons cat.......each with a 'Who me?' look, tinsel was strewn around the place and streamers were shredded. yes, pine needles were all over as well lol
    I took the tree down before xmas day since the third time theyd toppled it, I decided my sanity and their safety was at stake!!

  2. Sweet! Have a lovely holiday. xo

  3. Liniecat - OMG! Simply cannot imagine having that many cats inside...and at Christmas!

    Connie - Thanks, and happy holidays to you, too, Connie!

  4. Love all the baskets full of cats!
    I wanted to thank you for stopping by my Winter Wonderland blog post. We are back from our Granddaughters b-day party, will be posting pics soon.

  5. Great story Liniecat!! Your home looks great and what a clever use of old oil cans! Enjoy the season :)

  6. I showed Ricky that you featured his bicycles on your blog, he also liked the cat and tree video. Our cats are yard cats, thank heavens.

    Love the continuing unfolding of your decorations!!

  7. Nook & Cranny - The Triad fight over the basket, but when Edgar wants it, he gets it. We have a granddaughter birthday today, too!

    Nancy - Have to admire Liniecat's commitment to animal rescue! Thanks, Nancy, I love my little oil cans.

    Teresa - Thank you for letting me share the picture! It is such a creative way to decorate!

  8. I love the bicycles on the roof! My grandma had the same kissing angels.

  9. Stephie - Aren't they great? Ricky has a sense of humor!

  10. The house with the sleigh and bicycles reminds me of some of the houses in Natchitoches. It's just beautiful and their decorating is perfect for a house with history....something more for the house to remember.

    Your oilcans are quite happy to be holding up those stars. I didn't realize how tiny they are till I saw them with the angels. Great perspective.

    Do I see a Blue Dog on your living room wall? I'm impressed. I love Rodriguez's work.

  11. Mary - So far Ricky's bicycles are my favorite decoration this year!

    Yep, that's Fee's Blue Dog. He loves Rodrigue, too.


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