Friday, November 30, 2012

Pretending It's Winter

I am definitely hanging on to Fee
because, for whatever reason,
he is so good to me!

About a week ago,
he came home with the bird house above.
It is out of old lumber
and definitely in the shabby, weathered
style that I like.

When I began pulling out the 
Christmas decorations,
the bird house came inside,
got a coat of white wash,
some greenery,
and a prominent place on the mantle.

And a recent surprise from Fee:

My new blower!
Electric, small, easy to handle,
and wonderful.
I love it and can keep the patio 
and paths clean with a lot less effort.

To sweep the patio,
the furniture has to be moved,
then replaced.
With a blower, no such
 tedious behaviors
And it is time to 
round up the leaves.

Will have to clean them out of the fountain, too.

Will there even be a winter this year?

 While our current weather is pleasant, 
it is unseasonable.
This time of year, I'd like to curl up
with a good book in front of the fireplace.
However, I'll have to make do without the fire.

Remember my recent post about lists?
Of course, everyone makes them
this time of year,
so I've enjoyed looking at
various posts that include lists.

Some are useful,
some are funny,
some like children's Christmas Lists
are endearing.

However, this one is my favorite so far:
The Shared List,
from Ashbee Design.
What a great idea!

What do you think?


  1. He is a great guy! One year, I asked for a cordless drill and got it! LOL. It has been warm here, too. WE had people over for dinner tonight, and we actually had to open the windows, because it was too warm in the house with the oven heated up and all!

  2. Oh, Jenclair I am ready for some Christmas weather, too. I don't need snow or even ice, but a few crisp mornings and a bit of frost would be nice. I checked out the list post and really like it. I'm thinking I'll give it a try. Who knows what I can convince the grandkids to help with!

  3. Stephie - I love it when a man knows the perfect gift, and cordless drills and blowers are often just that! My goodness, I thought the far north would be at least cool, if not covered in snow!

    Mary - It has been positively sultry here--great for yard work, but not especially Christmas weather. You are probably even warmer.

    I'm going to make a shared list and hope that Fee will choose a few items for himself. Like the garage! I'm thinking that although the shared list is great for holidays, it would be handy anytime.

  4. Love, love the bird house, mantel is a wonderful place for it I am sure.
    I wanted to thank you for stopping by my "Garland" blog post and leaving such sweet comment.

  5. Nook and Cranny - :) I love the bird house, too! Funny, how Christmas pleasures as we grow older are more about making things than the presents themselves.


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