Saturday, October 06, 2012

Pause to Organize

 as my creative bent was running dry,
 I had to stop and clean, straighten, organize. 

Heads on skewers
will have to remain that way,
for a while, at least.
Until I decide on a direction
for each of them.

All Halloween fabric, ribbon, embellishments
are back in the box for now, but the box is handy
and I can dig into it again easily.
Much better than having it spread across the floor.

Floss, threads, perle cotton
all in the process of being organized again.

However, the process of cleaning and re-arranging
always means discovery.
Oh, I remember what can I do with them?
And the realization that you have something you've
been reminded of...but where is it?

Just finished the new Mallory novel 
by Carol O'Connell: Chalk Girl.
And the much anticipated The Raven Boys 
by Maggie Stiefvater.   
Neither disappointed!


  1. Oh please! You know your creativity hasn't run dry in any way. You just need a break from all that brain work.

    Just the title Chalk Girl has me intrigued. I may have to find a copy now.

  2. Oh, I'm pretty much at a stand-still at the moment. For the last week or so, all projects seem to be at a plateau.

    I love O'Connell's Mallory novels. Mallory is certainly a unique character!


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