Friday, October 19, 2012

More Halloween

All of the heads I created a while back
 are still waiting,
 poor neglected things.  
Halloween projects have overcome me,
 and I can't keep up with the ideas. 
Little fabric bats (sewn and stuffed 
and treated with fabric stiffener) 
and needle felted ghosts  were added
 to this burlap wreath from last year.

I haven't needle felted in quite a while,
and my poor pricked fingers remind me of why.
In addition to the ghosts,
I couldn't resist trying a little black cat,
who found
a sunny spot to rest.

The above ghost will have another home
with a sedate little witch....

The cat below is in progress right now.
He likes the sunny window spot, too.
The cat and the baby crow from 
yesterday, are definitely inspired by 
Joanna Parker's work...
which I can't afford.  
At least not her originals .

 I love Halloween and always have. 
 In fact, I wanted to get married on Halloween,
 but because we needed to make use of the entire weekend for our lengthy and expensive (Ha!) honeymoon 
before getting back to work on Monday, 
we got married on Oct. 29th.  Long, long ago.

We have plans to go up into the Ozarks 
this year for our anniversary.  
Hot Springs, Eureka Springs, and 
wherever else from there.  
Just in time for the peak foliage, we hope.
I'm SO looking forward to this anniversary trip.

One of my funniest memories of Halloween,
is the year our granddaughter Mila
wanted to trick-or-treat
as a bottle of vinegar.
I think she was four at the time;
she ended up as a pink puppy
 with black spots
in a costume her mother made for her.
Mila is still a vinegary little girl.  :)

A little coreopsis enjoys the morning light.

How is Halloween going at your house?

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  1. I love your Hallowe'en decorations, really wonderful. I don't do a thing here for it...except remember, every year, that trick or treating was always a special time for me and my dad, in the 1950s. Have a great weekend! xo

  2. Thanks, Connie! I've always been attracted to Halloween figures and have fun making them!

  3. A Happy Halloween and Anniversary to you! Your black cat in the sun is charming :)

  4. We used to do a big Halloween thing--hayride, trick or treating at every house in our small town. Now that the boys are all grown up, we go to mass for All Saints' Day. I don't bother with decorating....I hate the cleaning up part! Have a wonderful anniversary trip. I hope the leaves put on a gorgeous show for you. (Feel free to share photos with those of us stuck back home.) Happy Anniversary!

  5. Love the petite Halloween decorations and really love your granddaughter wanting to trick-or-treat as a bottle of vinegar!! Happy Anniversary to you and Fee.

  6. Nancy - Thanks! Hard to believe we've been married so long, but I've been a lucky lady! The little black cat is awfully like Lucy, one of our Evil Triad.

    Mary - I miss hayrides--so much fun! My decorating is always hit or miss, but the fun part is the making. I'll take plenty of photos to share and gather some pretty leaves for eco dyeing.

    Teresa - Thanks, Teresa! Our Mila is quite a character, and I cackled when she insisted that she wanted to be a bottle of vinegar.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you can schedule a visit tomorrow. Can't believe that today's plans went awry again. Retire, Woman!

  7. The burlap wreath is such a clever idea. I never would have thought of that and have never seen one before!

  8. Saw the burlap wreaths last year on various craft blogs. Made a large one covered with paper butterflies (there is a link to the tutorial on that post) that is really my favorite, but adding the the little bats and ghosts to this one was an easy update for Halloween!

  9. Happy anniversary and have a wonderful jaunt to the Ozarks. That is a place I really want to go to.

  10. Thanks, Rian! I love the Ozarks, but especially at this time of year!


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