Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wonderful Weather

After several rainy days
 (and we needed the rain),
we are now enjoying some lovely weather.

I have found some new uses for my encrusted pieces--
I've attached some to the stretchy bands I use for my braid, some to hair clips and one to a cuff. 

This is the button that is used for 
the closure on the cuff.    
Mostly French and bullion knots.  
I like doing these buttons.

I think brooches may be next.  

Remember that I told you that Fee brings me things?   
The gold thimble, rusted utensils, 
pieces of wood, 
and last week, 
a hollow log!

"Can you do something with this?"  
Not right now, but I'll be thinking about it.

Any ideas? 
See the shadow of Edgar's tail 
in lower left corner? 
 Nosy cat.


  1. Your encrusted pieces turned out nice.

    Hmmm, that's a pretty piece of wood. It seems like an eccentric fairy could live on that little piece of wood...with some little friends (e.g., lady bugs or something) coming out from the inside.

  2. I agree that an eccentric fairy could easily make a home in your hollow log.

    Love the uses for the encrusted pieces, Jenclair, and can't wait to see a brooch. If I could figure out how you did that button, I'd give it a try. I love to use unusual buttons to embellish clothing.

  3. I love that you wear your art in your long beautiful braid :) What a great use!

  4. Stephie - I'm glad to find a use for some of the encrusted pieces; they make great hair clips.

    The darn log is just so big! I like the idea of lady bugs and maybe dragonflies....

    Mary - Eccentric fairies have two votes!

    The buttons are so simple. Trace a circle on muslin, embroider, cut out and fit over a button. This is over a regular flat button, but I've done them on the 2 piece metal type as well.

    Nancy - :) Works great!

  5. Absolutely, unmitigatingly dropdead gorgeous work.

  6. Thanks, Michelle! Since I love making these, it is nice to find ways to use them!

  7. Gorgeous button! Thanks for explaining the process. I have to try this.

  8. Francoise - Thank you! The buttons are a nice way to justify television time. :)


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